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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 9/19
  Networking: 5:30 - 6:00   
  Program: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
  2 Locations


ISS Meeting Building
1800 Space Park Drive
Nassau Bay, TX

Room C-100 Concourse Level
4 Greenway Plaza
Houston TX 77046

Due to Weather
Postponed to November

TGCC Chapter Program September 2019

Gateway MBSE Modeling

The Gateway Program and many of its module developers are using Magic Draw to coordinate functions, requirements, and interfaces between the various elements that make up the Gateway Platform.  This also extends to the visiting vehicles (Human Lander System, Logistics Module, and Orion).  The Propulsion and Power Element (PPE) is using Magic Draw to coordinate the design activities at NASA GRC and the contractor.  This discussion will provide an overview of the MBSE efforts and how we are interfacing the various MBSE models into a single integrated model.

Howard Wagner, PhD
Gateway MBSE Project Manager

Dr Wagner started as a co-op student at NASA JSC.  He has held various systems engineering roles at NASA including Asst Chief Engineer for Orbiter in the Propulsion and Power Division, Asst Orbiter Chief Engineer for the Engineering Directorate, and Asst Space Shuttle Chief Engineer for the Engineering Directorate.  His last position at NASA was Chief Engineer for the Deep Space Habitat.  The Deep Space Habitat included a lunar orbital platform and the habitation modules to transport humans to Mars and live on the Mars surface.

Dr Wagner developed a MBSE model of the DSH lunar platform.  The current Gateway platform is an updated version of the DSH.  Dr Wagner is currently an Aerospace Consultant working on the Gateway Program.  Besides the Gateway platform MBSE activities, Dr Wagner is also active in SBIR efforts to extend MBSE to include fault management activities (Fault trees and FMECAs).