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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 4/15
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
   Zoom Meeting


TGCC Chapter Program April 2021

Developing and Modeling an Approach for Requirements Management Optimization

In her PhD dissertation, Tami Katz researched options to address an optimal approach of managing requirements for complex systems.  This research assessed current practices for requirements and industry trends, and resulted in a proposed a set of processes to enable cost effective solutions while addressing improvement in requirement quality. Some key recommendations include utilization of a data focused requirements management approach (allowing integration with other sets of project data), management of requirements using a collaborative software application, and ensuring the requirement set is a consolidated with an appropriate amount of requirements for the project.

These processes were modeled using an MBSE system model, which has enabled the assessment of these processes.  This presentation will highlight the process improvement recommendations, and show how SysML simulation of these processes can enable insight into the impacts of using different processes on a project.

Presenter Dr. Tami Katz

Dr. Tami Katz has recently completed her PhD in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University.  She is a Staff Consultant Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace, and has spent her career focused on the development of space vehicles and components.  Dr. Katz is an INCOSE CSEP, and also the chair of the INCOSE Requirements Working Group.