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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 7/15
  Program: 11:00 - 12:00 am
   Zoom Meeting


TGCC Chapter Program July 2021

Systems Engineering Approach to Product Development within bp pulse (TBC)

James Harley & Seb Lenik, Principal Systems Engineers, bp pulse (UK)

With the rapid change in the publics views on climate change and the need to de-carbonise, many traditional energy providers not only need to change their core energy product offering (petroleum) to cleaner energy (electricity) to help reduce the carbon footprint, but also need to design novel and innovative ways to provide electrical energy to consumers. These new products are ‘smart’ from inception, and are becoming smarter due to constantly evolving customer needs, goals and government legislations.

Companies such as bp pulse have realised that approaching these smart products with traditional product design approaches will not suffice and this is why they are introducing a left shift approach i.e. Systems Engineering to understand and design their products.

bp pulse provides electric charging points and infrastructures for Electric Vehicles (EVs). As the increase in demand of these products rises with the adoption of EV’s, so will the complexity of the products which will span multiple ‘contexts’ and contribute to smarter and more efficient features. The systems engineering approach being applied to this product development, will help manage the complexity and contribute to safer, more reliable, and higher quality products.

This approach will be  described, including the trials and tribulations of trying to gaining momentum within such an established and typically ‘non-systems engineering’ industry.       

My 5 year Systems Engineering journey in Shell

Kiran Krishna, Shell

Kiran is a Systems thinker with a passion for engineering and over 20 years of international research, industrial and management experience in Process Safety, Systems Engineering and Digitalization, in project and operational roles. He is an engineering chameleon with proven track record in various engineering roles across Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Wind, as well as Finance and Business Management. Kiran has spent the past 5 years driving the Systems Engineering and Digitalization agendas within Shell and across the Oil and Gas Industry. He is a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a Fellow of both the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).       

Presenters James Harley & Seb Lenik, Principal Systems Engineers, bp pulse (UK)

James is a Chartered Engineer with INCOSE UK, and has a BEng in Systems Engineering, Loughborough University, UK. He has a 10 years of applying MBSE within the UK Defence industry.

Seb has BSc in Design and Innovation, University of Portsmouth, MSc in Design & Transport, Coventry University and a Professional Diploma in User Experience (UX). He has come from a background of using Systems Engineering in the UK Automotive industry and has gained a lot of experience in defining early concept and system work for multiple vehicle programs over many years.