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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 10/21
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
   Zoom Meeting 


TGCC Chapter Program October 2021

Shell’s Systems Engineering Journey in Projects & Engineering – Successes and Challenges

Over the past five years, Shell has embarked on a journey to understand and implement systems engineering. This session highlights how we used (and continue to use) systems engineering to apply requirements management in an existing project framework.


TPennerTasha Penner (CSEP) has over 15 years as a systems engineer in aerospace and oil & gas industries. She currently works at Shell as a Senior Systems Engineer with the Systems Engineering (SE) team. She develops and delivers Systems Thinking (ST) and SE trainings, deploys ST/SE processes and tools directly in projects, and oversees and maintains ST/SE content within Shell’s digital environment. Tasha is currently finishing her master’s in SE at Purdue and in her spare time, she likes to learn new skills (sailing, breadmaking, car projects, soapmaking, flying).