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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 9/16
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
   Zoom Meeting


TGCC Chapter Program September 2021

High Speed Rail - Coming Soon to Texas

       Building on an earlier paper about getting students hooked on SE while building a competitive car, Cecilia will elaborate on her experiences introducing systems engineering concepts and practices to students while they are actively participating in a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It is one thing to be training dedicated professionals, and quite another to teach students who are also focusing their attention on a myriad of other priorities. My experiences offer valuable insights to academics and professionals alike.


ceciliahaskinsCecilia Haskins, ESEP, Professor Emeritus

Cecilia is an American living and working in Norway and blending the best of both cultures into her personal and professional life. Since earning her Phd in systems engineering from NTNU, she shared her knowledge as an associate professor of systems engineering in courses and supervision of both PhD and master’s level theses. Some of her most recent experiences have involved supporting the NTNU SmallSat Lab as they produce their first CubeSats. Her educational background includes a BSc in Chemistry from Chestnut Hill College, and an MBA from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. She has been recognized as a Certified Systems Engineering Professional since 2004.