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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 4/21
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
   Zoom Meeting


TGCC Chapter Program April 2022

Competency Framework

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework was published in July 2018.  In this presentation, Dr. Don Gelosh, former Chair of the Competency Working Group, recent Services Director, and current Associate Director for Education and Training for INCOSE, will discuss how individuals and organizations can use a practical evidence-based approach with the competency framework to enhance their systems engineering expertise.  The framework consists of 37 competencies across five groups:  Core, Technical, Management, Professional, and Integrating.  In addition to a description and explanation of why it is important, each competency includes a set of evidence-based indicators of knowledge and experience across five levels of proficiency: Awareness, Supervised Practitioner, Practitioner, Lead Practitioner and Expert.  Dr. Gelosh will explain how individuals and organizations can use these evidence-based indicators to help identify and acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and experiences at the appropriate levels of proficiency to enhance their own Systems Engineering effectiveness across their careers and the workforce.

Presenter Don Gelosh