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Texas Gulf Coast

  Date: 3/17
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
   Zoom Meeting


TGCC Chapter Program March 2022

Introduction and Future of MBSE

The Systems Engineering environment is changing, and MBSE is at the forefront of this change. Before the change, one must understand what MBSE can do, can be, and will be used, deployed, and the reasons for the need for MBSE. In part of these challenges, Systems Engineers started to explore new ways of working, and one of the possible solutions is to use models as the basis for the system’s description. 
Nowadays, Systems Engineers can leverage several modeling languages and tools to their advantage to build system models. However, no matter how you look into a model, it remains a static description of systems being engineered. To access the full power of modeling, Systems Engineers need to transform the static system descriptions into what we could call a live or dynamic model.
The main part will be to explore ways  Systems Engineering is working today and will be growing in the future. In addition to that, delve into a bit more sophisticated simulation capabilities available with UML, SysML, UAF languages, and Catia | No Magic tools. The features covered during this webinar will be Monte-Carlo simulation, different distributions, and result capturing.


Presenter Dr. Saulius Pavalkis

pavalkis-sauliusDr. Saulius obtained his BS in Telecommunication and Electronics and MS in Telecommunication Engineering, and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology. He has 15 years of experience working on modeling solutions including PLM Product Integrations Management. Former analyst in R&D department core MagicDraw team. Dr. Saulius’ major areas of expertise include model-based requirements engineering, data interchange, systems design, MBSE, PLM, SysML, UML, traceability, simulation, modeling solutions, change, and configuration management. He has experience supporting companies adopting MBSE on large and small scale in various domains: automotive, medical devices, defense, aerospace. He has supported various companies such as Ford, Verb Surgical, Raytheon, Orbital ATK, SMEE, UTAS, BAH, SGT, Abbott. He has experience in commercial and research projects (including European Union funded for different OMG standards integration) guiding team to create model-based prototypes and working solutions. He also has obtained multiple professional certificates: OMG-Certified Systems Modelling Professional, OMG-Certified UML Professional, OMG-Certified Expert in BPM, and ITIL V3. He has authored multiple research and practical articles in model-based design area presented at annual and local INCOSE Conferences and NDIA. Dr. Saulius is also founder and chief editor of a modelling community blog (, which is dedicated to sharing practical model-based engineering experience.He is also a current No Magic, Inc. representative at INCOSE CAB.

His current responsibilities include being the primary technical lead for MBSE solutions, developing and conducting training and workshops, and oversees all major PLM product integrations management.