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Texas Gulf Coast


Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2021
Systems Engineering Session

OTC 2021 Technical Program 

Integration of Systems Engineering and Project Management to Deploy Effective Offshore Systems
Tuesday, 17 August
Effective integration of Project Management (PM) and Systems Engineering (SE) is essential to deploy successful offshore systems in the rapidly advancing space of digitalization and automation systems. Both SE and PM have formal methods to help guide projects and products through the life cycle. Where these two philosophies converge to deliver value is an intricate balancing act between overburdening processes that slow progress and deficient processes which allow flaws to propagate throughout the system and ultimately result in poor performance or failures. This session highlights some recent advancements and success stories and how to overcome challenges with implementing PM and SE in an immersive data rich ecosystem. Each author discusses practical applications in the current environment and demonstrates how they leveraged digitized information to create value and enable successful digital transformation initiatives.
Invited Organization: Systems Engineering in Practice: Stories from Experts in the Field
Tuesday, 17 August
This panel session will bring together four recognized expert practitioners in the field of systems engineering. Each panelist will present a personal story of their experience working in systems engineering. The audience will learn how the complexity of missions between NASA and OTC is fundamentally the same, as are the failure risk and classifications. The audience will learn that many people in oil and gas may be practicing systems engineering to some degree already, possibly without recognizing it as such. The audience will learn how a “fixer” used Model-Based Systems Engineering to rescue a series of failing projects and deliver the systems on time and within budget. The audience will learn how systems engineering techniques can help us to better understand the warming Arctic region as it expands with increased tourism, fishing, exploration, and related traffic along with the promise of vast undersea oil, gas, and other mineral assets. Finally, the audience will be given the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations with the panelists.