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Texas Gulf Coast

Inaugural Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Systems Engineering Conference

2017 Conference Papers

Luncheon Keynote Speaker
International Space Station Program Manager

Plenary Keynote Speaker
Projects and Technology
Executive Vice President of Engineering


Systems Engineering Architectures: Requirements, Capability Architecture, Operational Architecture, System Functional Architecture, and System Physical Architecture

Paul White (ViTech)

Meeting the challenges of increasingly complex systems

Lou Wheatcraft


Industry Standards Compliance using MBSE


Ronald Kratzke


Model Based Simulation and Analysis of Blowout Preventer Control Systems


Mete Mutlu, Dr. Taoufik Wassar, Prof. Matthew A. Franchek


Collaborative Systems Engineering in the Ascent Abort-2 Crew Module/Separation Ring Project


Jenny Devolites, Tony Williams


ISS Payload Interface Requirement Consolidation and Reduction


Vic Sanders and Dr. Bruce Wright / The Boeing Company, ISS Systems Engineering and Integration


Managing Requirements-Documents to Data.


Kevin Orr/Abe Hudson


Moving Oil & Gas Industry Standards from Prose to Data


Rob Perry, TechnipFMC


Systems Engineering Success Story – A Tale of Two Oil & Gas Companies


Dr. Don Gelosh


Pit 9- A Systems Engineering Success Story from the Energy Sector


Mark Powell


The Digital Engineering Journey(MBSE)


Matthew Hause, PTC Engineering Fellow

Supporting Test of Autonomy: Autonomy Requirements Tester (ART)

Carroll Thronesbery



Success Oriented Pessimism – S&MA in Systems Engineering


Lisa Moore, NASA Johnson Space Center


Using SE to enhance safety - lower risk Failure Investigation for High Pressure Bunker System Anomaly at GE Oil and Gas


Matthew E. Johnson


System Security Engineering Planning for Safer Systems


John A. Maziarz

Integration Readiness Level Assessment To Enhance Test Readiness Reviews

Portia L. Child