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Empowering Women as Leaders in Systems Engineering (EWLSE)


Vision & Mission


EWLSE’s vision is to live in a world where men and women are equally represented as leaders in systems engineering


Our mission is to create a systems engineering environment welcoming to all; promote the demonstrated value of women as systems engineers and leaders; engage women in engineering and systems engineering at all levels of education around the world; and enable increased participation and retention of women in systems engineering leadership.

EWLSE Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives


Purpose of EWLSE

Our purpose is to increase participation of women in systems engineering and engineering leadership, broaden awareness of the current state of women in systems engineering and engineering leadership through research, remove obstacles for women seeking leadership roles in related engineering fields, enable success through collaboration with professional societies, industry, government, academia, and individual advocates, and to celebrate the benefits of diversity throughout our culture.

We want to:

  1. be the systems integrators of efforts to raise international awareness of the value of empowering women as leaders in engineering and systems engineering around the globe;
  2. develop engaging content and delivery approaches for promoting successful strategies for women navigating the journey to systems engineering leadership across cultures, geographic locations, and domains; and
  3. drive the evolution to an open welcoming professional environment that stimulates institutions to offer and interested, motivated, and qualified applicants to seek leadership opportunities in systems engineering.

Leadership Team