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INCOSE Events Toolkit

  • Download the entire INCOSE Events Toolkit
  • INCOSE Events Promotion Guidance (INCOSE Events Guidance Promotion Sheet v2 (Google Doc)) – 2nd page
    • Events Information Template – please fill out if you desire INCOSE Central marketing and communications promotion (eNote, newsletter, social media).
  • INCOSE Event Physical Items
    • INCOSE Brochure (Generic) (BiFold Brochure
    • INCOSE Business Cards (INC Chapter Bizcards template – Avery8871.pdf)
    • INCOSE Certification Banner (INCOSE Cert banner
    • INCOSE Pens - TBD
    • INCOSE Table Drape (Generic) (Table Drape Main
    • INCOSE Table Drape (Chapter/Event Specific) (Table Drape Chapter
  • INCOSE Flyer Templates
    • Call for Papers (Template Flyer Letter v2.pdf)
    • Event Registration Flyer (Template Flyer Half Letter v2.pdf)


  • INCOSE Logos
    • INCOSE Logo - (INCOSE logo_2016.jpg)
    • INCOSE Self-Serve Logo Templates for Affiliates
      • Horizontal (Horizonal logo graphic – all affiliate groups.pdf)
    • Vertical (Vertical logo graphic – all affiliate groups.pdf)
    • How to use the templates (how to use the pdf template.docx)
  • INCOSE Membership Brochure (INCOSEmembership_brochure Aug revision.pdf)
  • INCOSE Presentation Slides
    • Blank INCOSE Presentation Template (INCOSE Blank Slide Deck.potx)
    • Standard INCOSE Presentation (Standard INCOSE Presentation_v2.pptx)
  • INCOSE Press Release Template (INCOSE Press Release Template.docx)