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A better world through a systems approach

Systems Engineering Surveys

There are many issues that can benefit from surveying a community for input to the topic.
This page provides a convenient place to access current open surveys relevant to the INCOSE audiences.
These surveys are the creation of the respective originators, and are not INCOSE surveys, nor are they representing INCOSE interests or opinions.

See below several currently open surveys, each separately linked to the appropriate survey tool.

Model-Based Systems Engineering Maturity Benchmark Survey

This survey is intended to assess the value and effectiveness of MBSE adoption for improving business outcomes. It is also intended to develop a profile of current MBSE use and expectations across the systems engineering life cycle.

Please take the INCOSE/NDIA/SERC DE/MBSE Maturity Benchmarking Survey. This broad survey is intended to assess the value and effectiveness of MBSE adoption for improving business outcomes. It is also intended to develop a profile of current MBSE use and expectations across the systems engineering life cycle. It is based on the upcoming INCOSE Model-Based Capabilities Matrix, which you can download with the survey. The survey will take about 30 minutes. 

Click here to participate:

This survey is being distributed by the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the National Defense Industries Association (NDIA) Systems Engineering Division, the Aerospace Indistries Association (AIA), and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Systems Council. Please excuse any duplication.

Systems Frameworks and the Definition of Disruptive Ideas

We kindly request your contribution of this survey on how Software Engineering / System Engineering frameworks or good practices support on the building up and implementation of a Disruptive Business Idea, i.e.  those disruptive business models and ideas whereby startups are basing on their strategy and competitive advantage.
This work is being performed by the Software Architecture Team (SWA) at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
This survey will be the basis for a cutting-edge research work so we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to ponder on the different questions, since we believe your expertise and knowledge in this domain could yield significant results through the survey for this research work.

Please click HERE to answer the "Systems Frameworks and the Definition of Disruptive Ideas" survey.
In case the link does not open the web page, please cut and paste this URL on your browser

Modeling Perceptions of Systems Engineers

Students at Virginia Tech are investigating the modeling perceptions of systems engineers. If you would like to participate, use the following link: Filling the survey takes approximately 30 minutes and you can do it online. The results will be published in professional conferences or archived journals. Please, note that the survey is voluntary and you will not receive any compensation for completing it and sending it. However, we will donate $25 per participant for up to a total of $1,000 to the INCOSE Foundation to support research in systems engineering. You will be offered to consent to this study at the beginning of the survey. Please, note that if you are a minor, a prisoner, or a cognitively impaired adult, you will not be able to participate in the study. If you have any further questions, please contact us. And again, thank you for considering to participate in this study. Regards, Ben Cratsley ( Siwani Regmi ( Note: all researchers in this study are associated with the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech.


Critical Failure Factors survey

Dear Systems Engineering practitioner,

Throughout our experiences in system development, we have seen many successes and failures. Often, it is through the failures that we have our most profound learning. And this is why a Critical Failure Factor Survey has been designed as part of the capstone project of the Technical Leader Institute of INCOSE (TLI Cohort 3).

Our goal in this survey is to identify what are the most Critical Failure Factors within the execution of development projects that have led to your greatest learnings. With your input, we will be able to build upon our experiences and learnings to develop a more robust understanding of the things that are most likely to cause others to struggle in their development projects. With this, we will be able to share this experiential information with you and with others to prepare them for identifying these cause as they happen and to provide them with tools to help mitigate and recover from the causes should they occur. It is only through your participation that we can develop robust data to build upon. Please, help us make a difference to those that have yet to have our experiences. Help us prepare our future Technical Leaders to advance even faster as the world we live in continues to evolve ever faster.

If you want to collaborate on this endeavour, you can find the "Critical Failure Factors" survey ready to be completed at: