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A better world through a systems approach


Mission & Objectives

To promote the application and advance the practice of Systems Engineering in the automotive industry, encompassing OEMs, suppliers and service providers in the private, commercial and industrial vehicle sectors.

 Emphasis will be put on the current needs and future challenges of the industry, covering issues related to product development (complexity, safety and security, diversity, reuse) as well as to business and organizational aspects (new business models, new services and smart or multi-modal transportation systems).


  • To broaden and improve the application of Systems Engineering to the vehicle development process by tailoring standard SE processes and known best practices to the needs and specificities of the industry.
  • To build a common, shared Systems Engineering expertise and body of knowledge for their application by actors across the automotive industry.


  • To provide value-added services to our members through the production of quality deliverables, the organization of quality events and efficient administration of the group.
  • To grow the number of members of the group by performing outreach actions, by helping members learn from each other and from the experience of INCOSE experts and by making sure that the needs of the members are covered by activity plans and are taken into account by INCOSE.


Co-chair - Alain Dauron
Co-chair - Gary Rushton

Outreach - Bill Bolander

Working Group Products

Automotive Vision 2025 Document

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Planned Sessions

IW2018 - See program

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