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A better world through a systems approach
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Mission & Objectives

To improve healthcare delivery in the world by bringing together systems engineers and systems thinkers in healthcare system to identify, develop, and tailor best practices for the improvement of healthcare delivery.  We will achieve that by

  • Articulating the value and application of systems engineering to healthcare through simple examples and easily deployable guidelines, and
  • Providing a forum for developing and sharing best practices, meeting world class experts in Systems Engineering and Healthcare (and across other industries).
Our on-going goal is to aggregate information that articulates the value and application of systems engineering to the biomedical and healthcare industries and to provide an infrastructure for members and interested non-members to share relevant information.

Our living charter, organization char,t and priorities are provided below.

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Technical Lead:  Chris Unger, Chief Systems Engineer, GE Healthcare (

Operations Lead:  Bob Malins, President, Eagle Summit Technology Associates, Inc. (

Communications and Membership Lead:  Cary Bryczek, Principal Solutions Architect, Jama Software (

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Working Group Products

Recent Accomplishments

Article on new Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering Process
Bohdan W. Oppenheim PhD, Michael H. Kanter MD, and Aleksander Buczacki PhD have published a White Paper “Comparison of Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering Process (LHSE) for Healthcare Improvement Projects with Earlier Improvement Initiatives.”  This paper compares the recently introduced LHSE process to previous major quality initiatives: PDSA, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and several others and demonstrates the superiority of LHSE for projects in a broad range of clinical environments.”
The paper can be downloaded here.

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