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Infrastructure Working Group

Mission & Objectives


The purpose of the Infrastructure Sector is to provide a forum for designers, builders, and operators of economic and physical infrastructure systems (such as transportation, facilities, energy and communications) to advance the application of systems engineering.

The INCOSE Infrastructure Working Group exists to improve the understanding and application of systems engineering methods on large infrastructure projects. The group leverages international systems engineering best practices and produces documents to assist developers and builders of infrastructure systems.


  • Share best practices within the Working Group
  • Develop products (white papers, models, guidebooks) to capture systems engineering best practices tailored to the infrastructure domain
  • Communicate these best practices and examples of the application of systems engineering to infrastructure projects
  • Through the above actions, make a footprint on the infrastructure domain at large
We are working towards adapting SE best practices to benefit infrastructure projects. We invite you to join our group.


Chair: Alain Kouassi, Parsons
Co-Chair: Mike deLamare, Bechtel
Co-Chair: Laura Uden, NSI Engineering

Working Group Products





International Conferences and Symposia

Presentation at INCOSE UK Autumn SE Conference 7-8 November 2012
At INCOSE UK ASEC12 Alan Knott presented an overview of the IWG Guide for the Application of SE Practices in Large Infrastructure Projects and compared the path we took with that of the In Service Systems WG when developing a similar document.

Meeting Minutes


Collaboration with Other Professional Groups

NETLIPSE (Network on the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects in Europe)

2014-05 Report from the 16th Bi-annual NETLIPSE Meeting in Brussels, Belgium
Alan Knott represented the INCOSE Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) at the 16th bi-annual NETLIPSE Meeting in Brussels, Belgium on 11-13 May 2013.

2013-05 Promoting the IWG's Guide to SE on LIPs at the NETLIPSE Meeting in Helsinki, Finland
Alan Knott represented the INCOSE Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) at the 14th bi-annual NETLIPSE Meeting in Helsinki, Finland on 26-28 May 2013.

2012-10 NELIPSE Meeting in Warsaw, Poland
Alan Knott represented the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) at 13th bi-annual NETLIPSE Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on 14-16th October 2012. The meeting was hosted by the Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Highways.

2012-05 NETLIPSE Meeting in Copenhagen
Alan Knott represented the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) at the 12th bi-annual NETLIPSE Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6-8 May 2012.

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual