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A better world through a systems approach

Infrastructure Working Group

Mission & Objectives


The Infrastructure Working Group’s Charter is to provide a forum for designers, builders, and operators of economic and physical infrastructure systems to advance the application of systems engineering.

The sector brings together builders and operators of infrastructure systems (transportation, energy and communications).

The INCOSE Infrastructure Working Group exists to improve the understanding and application of systems engineering methods on large infrastructure projects. The group leverages international systems engineering best practices and produces documents to assist developers and builders of infrastructure systems.


  • International Outreach to public and private organizations involved in infrastructure delivery and operations
  • SE product development to support the domain 
  • Communicate these best practices and examples of the application of systems engineering to infrastructure projects 


Public and commercial facilities and networks necessary for the economic and physical well being of society (e.g., power generation and distribution, waterways and ports, industrial facilities, telecommunication networks, and transportation).


Chair and co-chair

Chair: Alain Kouassi, Parsons. Email:

Co-Chair: Marcel van de Ven, Heijmans. Email:
Co-Chair: Laura Uden, NSI Engineering. Email:

How to join: Please send an email to the chair or co-chairs

Working Group Products

Charter and quad chart



Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be published at the Connect-site -> Working Groups -> Infrastructure Working Group 

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

The Infrastructure Working Group will be present at all International Workshop events.

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual

The Infrastructure Working Group will be present at all International Symposium events.