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A better world through a systems approach

Power and Energy Systems Working Group

Mission & Objectives

The Power and Energy Working Group (PESWG) seeks to organize experts from within the ranks of INCOSE as well as other professionals in the Energy sector of the economy to facilitate a “systems approach” to the analysis and future development of effective energy solutions.

The purpose of the PESWG is to direct expertise and a “systems” focus to support decision makers in the critical challenges of developing future energy systems that meet stakeholder needs for safety, effectiveness, and availability. The principal means of approaching these challenges will be to combine the disciplined system lifecycle methodologies evolved in INCOSE with sophisticated modeling tools, guided by Energy systems subject matter experts toward desired outcomes.

PESWG goals and objectives include:

  1. Identification of viable candidate energy systems for inclusion in the scope of PESWG studies / activities (this includes viable Aero and Space Power systems, as well as terrestrial applications)
  2. Define standard system methods for assessment and life‐cycle development process
  3. For each candidate system solution:
    • Definition of stakeholders and the relevant needs as applicable
    • Interpretation of key needs, risks, and requirements into quantifiable “measures of effectiveness” for comparative analysis
    • Development of system models for simulation of performance and effectiveness
  4. Comparative assessments (model‐based) of system behavior and effectiveness
  5. Recommendations on system methods and key priorities for future energy development


Role Responsibility
WG Lead:
Raymond Beach
Define vision, charter, and project roadmaps
Conduct board meetings
WG Co-Lead:
Charles Alexander
Support the lead in all activities; act in the absence of the lead
Resource advocacy and status reporting to the INCOSE BOD and external stakeholders
WG Support
John Juhasz
Coordinate WG activities

Working Group Products

EnergyTech15 Conference

EnergyTech16 Conference
Oct 31, 2016 - Nov 02, 2016
Cleveland, OH, USA

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Planned Presentations at the Next Events