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A better world through a systems approach

Telecommunication Working Group

Mission & Objectives

Telecommunications underpins communities, businesses and governments. Telecommunications stakeholders need ease of use, performance, security and reliability. Telecommunications systems are complex, yet pressures exist for more responsive capability and capacity enhancements within challenging cost constraints. The INCOSE Telecommunications Working Group (WG) proposes that systems engineering is under-represented in this application area and has a major part to play in the design, development, maintenance and operation of telecommunications systems.


The WG aims to enable telecommunications systems stakeholders and providers to better support their users:

·         Critical and emergency services personnel;

·         Federal and municipal governments, utilities and transportation agencies;

·         Enterprise and consumer users of commercial telecommunications services; and

·         The broader public.


The WG intends to be:

·         A forum for telecommunications practitioners to discuss problems and challenges;

·         A forum for systems engineers who are interested in telecommunications applications;

·         INCOSE’s lead forum to advance the application of systems engineering for telecommunications.


The purpose of the WG is to improve delivery of telecommunications solutions by enhancing the systems engineering body of knowledge for telecommunications applications.


The WG will lead this effort within INCOSE, in liaison with external telecommunications experts, standardization bodies, organizations and communities.


Working Group Products

Survey of Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications working group is looking to gather information on the problem areas and concerns of those who have some interest in telecommunications. This will help guide our work, and the products we intend to produce. We request your input through the survey provided at the following link:

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Planned Presentations at the Next Events