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Why SE?

Mission & Objectives

The TWG’s purpose, goal and scope for 2015-18 are:

  • Purpose – To promote and grow the application of systems awareness, thinking and engineering    within ground transportation
  • Goal – Systems engineering is used to deliver complex systems in the transportation sector, and a broad and deep community of systems engineers is present throughout the supply chain.
  • Scope – Ground transportation systems and their supporting technical and business infrastructures  (with emphasis on highways, bus, rail and transit).

TWG Charter & Strategic Plan 2015-18

TWG Annual Plan for 2016

The 2016 TWG Action Plan has been released following a period of TWG member review.   The Action Plan forms part of our three-year strategic plan and is updated yearly at the International Workshop by the steering committee with an opportunity for member collaboration through a conference call and a follow-on review period.  The Action Plan describes our planned activities for 2016 against each our four strategic objectives (defined in the Strategic Plan) and is organized by Steering Committee functional group (co-chairs, outreach, member services, administration and industry liaison). 

The Action Plan for 2016 can be found below, within the latest update to the Strategic Plan;


Contact Us


 Simon Smith  Dale Brown NIta Rabadia 
 Simon Smith Dale Brown
Nita Rabadia
IBI Group, USA
Atkins, USA

Steering Committee

Name  Position  Organization  Country

Jennifer Russell




Jean Souza


Stellar Solutions


David Rojas

Member Services NA 



Rhianne Evans

Academic Liaison

University of Birmingham


Allison Ruggiero

Administration (NA) New York City Transit
Andrew Mark Administration (Int.) Systra-Scott Lister UK

David Springstead

Transit Liaison



Konstantinos Vilaetis

Supplier Liaison 

NY Airbrake


Alan Benson

Highway Liaison



  Government Liaison TBD  
  Member Services (Int.) TBD  




Working Group Products

Case Studies  
By clicking here, you can access 16 transportation and infrastructure case studies that feature how systems engineering was applied.  They include:  

1. West Coast Route Modernisation Project in the UK
2. SkyTrain control center upgrade and expansion in Vancouver, Canada
3. Prestwick Air Traffic Control Centre in the UK
4. Docklands Light Railway Expansion in London, UK
5. NETLIPSE, a European research project studying large infrastructure projects
6. Upgrade of the East London Line in London, UK 
7. Santa Clara County Traffic Operations System and Signal Coordination Project in the USA
8. Extension of the Jubilee Line in London, UK
9. Upgrade of the Jubilee Line and Northern Line in London, UK
10. Replacement of the CityLink Control System in Melbourne, Australia
11. Network Rail Performance Modeling in the UK
12. The California High-Speed Rail Project in the USA
13. Denver Regional Transportation District CAD/AVL and Radio Replacement in the USA
14. Pasadena Adaptive Traffic Signal System in California, USA
15. Thameslink Programme in the UK
16. Evergreen Line Extension Project in Vancouver, Canada
X1. Construction of a Simulator for the Detroit Edison Fermi Nuclear Power Plant

TWG Activities

Webinars and more on our YouTube Channel

Monthly Webinar Schedule - Wednesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern
TWG is working alongside the Automotive, Infrastructure, and Critical Infrastructure Working Groups to be bring our members coordinated webinars each month. 
 Date Presenter Topic Webinar Registration  Presentation
and Recording
June 13, 2018 Jesse Glazer, Barbara Staples, and Blake Christie Applying Scrum Methods in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Projects Abstract and Webinar Link
July 25, 2018 Oliver Hoehne A System of Systems Approach to Automotive Challenges Abstract and Webinar Link Webinar to be rescheduled
August 8, 2018 Marcel van de Ven Introduction to System Engineering in the Dutch non-residential building sector Abstract and Webinar Link
More Webinars to come!

LinkedIn - Participate in our TWG LinkedIn discussions and share ideas and opinions with like minded professionals

Meeting Minutes

International Symposia

IS 2017
27th Annual International Symposium
Adelaide, Australia
July 15 - 20, 2017

If you wish to attend the joint TWG and Automotive dinner on Tuesday evening, please RSVP to Allison Ruggiero ( The dinner will be held at a restaurant close to the Convention Center, to be announced soon.

Check out the TWG Program Flier for updated IS2017 event information!

IS2017 - Transportation Program Flier

IS 2016

26th Annual International Symposium
Edinburgh, UK
July 18 - 21, 2016

IS 2015 Presentations

Images from IS15 - Bellevue, Washington, USA

IMG_1213 IMG_1199 IMG_1208 IMG_1411 IMG_1223 IMG_0880 INCOSE_2015_21_47_14 INCOSE_2015_22_17_40 INCOSE_2015_21_51_16 IMG_1181 IMG_1182 IMG_1225 IMG_1230

IS 2014 Presentations

International Workshops

IW 2016 Presentations

IW 2015 Presentations

IW 2014 Presentations

IW 2014 SE Summit Presentations

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

The INCOSE International Workshop 2017 is fast approaching, and the TWG is running three events:


Monday Jan 30th

  •  Cross-cutting INCOSE Workshop Event: "Filling the Systems Engineering Talent Pipeline - Improving interest in Systems Engineering for young professionals"
    • Facilitated by the TWG with anticipated participation from the HealthCare, Aerospace, and Infrastructure Working Groups, along with Students and Academia
    • 9:00 - 11:00 am (US-Pacific Time)
  • TWG Working Session - Contribute to the development of the TWG 2017 Annual Plan.  1pm-2:20pm  (US-Pacific Time) 
  • TWG ‘Hackathon’ – refreshing our website, mailing list and social media presence.  2:30 – 3:30 pm  (US-Pacific Time)

IW2017 TWG Flyer

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual

Join us in Edinburgh, Scotland July 18 - 21, 2016 for the International Symposium.  

The transportation flyer for the 2016 INCOSE International Symposium is attached below.
The flyer highlights our core transportation program, plus other panels and papers likely to be of interest to our members.

See you in Edinburgh!

See IS 2016 for more info