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A better world through a systems approach

Systems of Systems Working Group

Mission & Objectives

The purpose of the working group is to advance and promote the application of Systems Engineering to Systems of Systems (SoS), often referred to as SoS Engineering (SoSE).

BKCASE describes SoS Engineering as “an opportunity for the systems engineering community to define the complex systems of the 21st Century. While systems engineering is a fairly established field, SoSE represents a challenge for the present systems engineers at the global level. In general, SoSE requires considerations beyond those usually associated with engineering to include socio-technical and sometimes socio-economic phenomena.”

SoS and SoSE are topics that interest a significant number of INCOSE members globally, both individuals and organizations. Therefore we believe that a WG forum to share understanding of SoS and SoSE issues, good practice and background, and contribute to maturing BKCASE will provide a service to the wider INCOSE community.

The goal of the working group is to expand and promote the body of knowledge of SoS and SoSE its benefits within the Systems Engineering community.


Co-Chair:  Judith Dahmann, The MITRE Corporation
Co-Chair:  Alan Harding, BAE Systems

Contact Working Group Co-Chair for additional information or to join this group.

Full Version of System of Systems Working Group Charter

Working Group Products

  • SoS Bibliography: Continue to update and improve
  • Webinars: Continue to deliver a programme of monthly webinars, open to all INCOSE members, as a forum to share information on SoS
  • BKCASE: Continue to contribute to development and support of SoS Section
  • SoS Pain Points

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

  • Systems of Systems Patterns Workshop with Patterns-Based SE Working Group)
  • Systems of Systems Research Roundtable

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

  • Two SoS panel sessions have been proposed
    1. Systems of Systems Engineering Standards and Guidance
    2. Systems of Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet-of-Things