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Training Working Group

Mission & Objectives

The purpose of the Training Working Group (TWG) is to provide SE training to INCOSE members and others if needed.  This Training WG will provide that opportunity and will support the mission, vision, and goals of INCOSE.

The specific goals for the Training WG are to:

  • Determine our member’s needs
  • Develop or solicit training modules
  • Solicit training volunteer instructors
  • Provide training as a benefit to INCOSE members
  • Coordinatetraining throughout INCOSE to expandtraining opportunities

The objectives of the Training WG are to:

  • Identify, develop, solicit, coordinate, schedule, and present SE training based on ISO 15288, ISO TR 24748, INCOSE SE Handbook, and other SE sources.
  • Recommend standardized approaches for SE training.
  • Enhance the working group members’ knowledge of SE training.
  • Develop an integrated approach and strategy for continuous improvement of SE training to the organization.
  • Provide representatives to other INCOSE WGs to obtain and provide consistent SE training application.
  • Investigate training system development for SEs (e.g., how to develop training within an SE environment, how to develop a recommended set of SE activities to support the use of MIL-HDBK-29612 training system development procedures)
  • Develop various training delivery infrastructures such as video, web, and in-company training
  • Provide training for members in INCOSE governance roles

The vision of the Training WG is to be the acknowledged leader in advancing INCOSE SE training throughout the SE community. The mission is to elicit stakeholders’ needs and provide value-added  training solutions for the INCOSE members.


John Clark - Founder and Chair
Gabriela Coe - Co-Chair

Working Group Products

Systems Engineering Webinars
SE Training modules
WG Leadership modules
Training (via presentations, tutorials, videos, and webinars)

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

IW 2018:
   Review the following:
      Technical Project Plan (TPP)
      SE Competency Areas
      Draft Survey
   Solicit training topics and instructors

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

IW 2018:
   Technical Project Plan (TPP)
   SE Competency Areas
   Draft Survey