PM-SE Integration Working Group

Mission & Objectives


Identify and promote opportunities associated with the effective integration of the Systems Engineering and Project/Program Management Disciplines.

  • Explore the linkages necessary to create effective integration and collaboration between systems engineers and program managers.
  • Be the integration point where systems engineers, program/project managers, collaborate and integrate their efforts.


  • Facilitate collaboration between systems engineering and program management communities.
  • Demonstrate the value of integrating systems engineering and program management to develop better solutions that drive strategic business results and outcomes.
  • Produce useful deliverables that support effective integration and practice of collaborative systems engineering and program management.
  • Provide thought leadership on open integration challenges between program management and systems engineering.
  • Bring external perspectives to the systems engineering and program management communities to facilitate thinking outside of the box.
  • Represent a think tank for free thinking and engagement around critical issues associated with program management and systems engineering.
  • Draft guidelines, and/or influence existing ones  (e.g. PMBoK, SEBoK, etc.), based on experience and exchanges on PM/SE integration and collaboration.


Our scope encompasses activities relating to defining, capturing, evolving, and communicating PM/SE integration best practices. This may include the development of training material, guideline material, recommendations for industry best practices and standards, and shared output with industry working groups from other organizations.

Also in scope is joining efforts with other INCOSE working groups such as Requirements, Risks, Lean SE, Agile SE, etc... where appropriate, to ensure subject matter expertise is seamlessly integrated into various aspects of the systems engineering process. Exploration of common problems and/or practices also falls within scope.


Strong knowledge and experience in Engineering Management and/or Project Management application and frequent obstacles, differences, gaps, overlaps, etc. are required. Hands-on experience in industries is welcomed.



Webmaster/IT Director

Initiative Leaders

  • Project Breakdown Structures (PjBS)- Initiative Completed: Jean-Claude Roussel 
  • Strategic Technical Planning: John Lomax
  • Systems Engineering Handbook (SEH) V5 Update: Tina Srivastava and Jean-Claude Roussel
  • Comparison of PMBoK and SEBoK: Mark Kaufman (mkaufman AT mitre DOT org)
  • Academic: Jean-Francois Veron (jean-francois.veron AT enac DOT fr)
  • SEBoK Update (New Initiative): Mark Kaufman and Tina Srivastava

Working Group Products & Awards

INCOSE collaborated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to publish a book titled: Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering: Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance in 2017. This book shows how organizations can become more effective, more efficient, and more responsive, and enjoy better performance outcomes. The discussion begins with an overview of key concepts, and details the challenges faced by Systems Engineering and Program Management practitioners every day. The practical framework that follows describes how the roles can be integrated successfully to streamline project workflow, with a catalog of tools for assessing and deploying best practices. Case studies detail how real-world companies have successfully implemented the framework to improve cost, schedule, and technical performance, and coverage of risk management throughout helps you ensure the success of your organization's own integration strategy.

Book authors and editors:

  • Eric S. Rebentisch
  • Tina P. Srivastava
  • Kenneth M. Zemrowski
  • Virginia A. Greiman
  • Edivandro Carlos Conforto
  • Marin R. Nelson
  • Stephen A. Townsend
  • Eric S. Norman

The book is available for sale with an INCOSE membership discount on the INCOSE Store:

Planned work:

  • PMBoK updates
  • SEBoK updates
  • SE Handbook updates
  • PM/SE Integration Best Practices Guidelines
  • Recommendations for ISO Standards on PM/SE Integration

Working Group Award

The PM-SE Integration WG was selected to receive the INCOSE Working Group Award at the 2022 International Workshop for Collaboration.

Award citation:

The PM-SE Integration Working Group was formed in 2016. In these past 5 years, the WG has developed into a strong and influential group with key strategic collaborations within and outside INCOSE. Over this past year, the WG co-chairs worked closely with SE Handbook and working group leaders coordinating over a dozen expert WG members that contributed to multiple sections of the SE Handbook. Presentations have also been made to multiple chapters around the world where they solicited new members, compared the SEH and PMBoK, and promoted the importance of Product Breakdown Structures. Outside of INCOSE, the PM-SE WG continues to work in close collaboration with PMI in the continuity of the PMI-INCOSE Alliance to establish strong foundations for integrating PM and SE disciplines.

Planned Working Sessions  & Presentations

PM-SE Integration WG meetings are regularly scheduled at IS and IW events. Between IS and IW, web meetings are also planned at both WG level and Initiative levels, with a minimum of one WG web meeting between IS and IW. If you are interested in attending one of these Web meetings, please email the WG Co-Chairs for further information.

Given the COVID-19 situation, all WG meetings are being held virtually with INCOSE web meeting facilities (Zoom); this will continue until further notice.



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