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Requirements Working Group

Mission & Objectives

1.  Purpose: Advance the state of the practices, education and theory of requirements engineering and its relationship to other systems engineering functions.

2. Goal: Expand and promote the body of knowledge of requirements engineering and its benefits within the systems engineering community.

3. ScopeActivities relating to requirements engineering best practices.

4. Skills and expertise required: Representation from the following:

  • Requirements engineering practitioners and educators
  • Relevant standards body participants
  • SE Tool Vendors
  • A diversity of experience levels, disciplines, organizations, enterprises, and nations


Chair: Tami Katz, Ball Aerospace, USA

Co-Chair: Lou Wheatcraft;  Wheatland Consulting, USA

Co-Chair:  Mike Ryan; University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia

Co-Chair: Kevin Orr, Eaton, USA

Co-Chair: Rick Zinni, Harris Corporation, USA

Working Group Products

  1. Maintain the working group charter
  2. Maintain the Guide to Writing Requirements
  3. Contribute to the requirement-related portions of the SE handbook and SEBoK
  4. Contribute to the development of SE ontologies
  5. Formulate guidance for the development and management of requirements in a model-based environment
  6. Maintain the RWG connect website
  7. Maintain the RWG public website
  8. Service supporting standards activities relevant to requirements engineering

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

The Requirement Working Group will:

  • meet at International Workshop
  • meet virtually via telecom
  • maintain its work products
  • recruit champions to lead activities
  • carry out assignments outside of meetings
  • use INCOSE RWG discussion groups to achieve working group consensus
  • promote RWG membership collaboration with other INCOSE working groups, other professional societies, commercial and industry committees, government organizations, and academic institutions
  • communicate to RWG members and interested INCOSE members via
    • RWG website
    • RWG threaded discussions
  • provide INCOSE tutorials and webinars

Planned Presentations at the Next Events