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Risk Management

Mission & Objectives

    The purpose of the INCOSE Risk Management Working Group (WG) is to advance knowledge, common understanding, and quality of practice of risk and opportunity management in the systems engineering community worldwide. Our mission is to develop value-added technical products and participative activities which help INCOSE members effectively and efficiently implement risk and opportunity management.
    The goals and initiatives of the Risk Management WG are to:
        A. Provide a forum for INCOSE risk management practitioners to present research and analysis results, discuss problems, and put forth improvement ideas.
        B. Establish and maintain a process for collecting and consolidating input to be used for updating the INCOSE Handbook risk and opportunity management sections
       C. Generate specific work products for consideration as input to the INCOSE Handbook, SEBoK, International Standards, and others.
       D. Develop and maintain a presentation explaining the benefits of risk and opportunity management, which can be used by members for promoting the application of risk and opportunity management practices.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Risk Management WG has six (6) meetings (Jan 28 - Feb 5) scheduled during the IW2021. PLEASE SEE DETAILS BELOW.

     (1) The INCOSE Risk Management WG is currently coordinating the updating of the Risk Management related sections of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (SEH), supporting INCOSE's project to develop the 5th Edition, which is targeted for release in July of 2023. We welcome your input.
     (2) After several years of work, the 3rd Edition of International Standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085,
Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Risk management, is at the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage, with publication expected 1st or 2nd quarter 2021. Our WG's focus will now shift from supporting the updating of ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085 to supporting its introduction to the systems engineering community. Compared to the 2nd Edition, the important improvements of the 3rd Edition are that (a) it has the added purpose of serving as an "elaboration standard" supporting ISO/IEC 15288, and (b) it emphasizes the integration of Risk and Opportunity Management with all Systems Engineering Life Cycle Processes, in support of the Risk Management Principles in ISO 31000:2018, Risk Management - Guidelines, Clause 6.1 of ISO 9001:2015, Actions to address risks and opportunities, and the goal of instilling "risk based thinking throughout the organization."


  • Jack Stein, Co-Chair (
  • Bob Parro, Co-Chair (
  • Paul Heininger, ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085 Co-Editor (

Working Group Products

  • Updating of International Standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085: Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Risk management.     
  • INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (SEH) sections pertaining to Risk Management
  • Review of ISO/IEC 15288 clauses pertaining to Risk Management

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Six (6) WG Meetings Scheduled During the IW2021, Jan 28 – Feb 5, 2021

The INCOSE Risk Management WG has scheduled six (6) two-hour meetings at the INCOSE International Workshop (IW2021). These meetings are Open Sessions which you may attend whether or not you have registered for the IW. However, we do highly recommend attending the IW2021 as it is an exceptional value virtual event that will provide you access to the Risk Management WG meetings but also to networking and interaction with all INCOSE WGs, and the latest developments in the systems engineering profession. Learn More and Register for the INCOSE IW2021.

Our six (6) WG meeting are all a combination of an OPEN OUTREACH NETWORKING SESSION and a WORKING SESSION. We welcome existing WG members, potential new WG members, and members of other WGs interested in learning about or working with the Risk Management WG.

The six (6) two-hour meetings are scheduled at various times of the day (View Schedule) so that colleagues from all time zones can attend join us at least one meeting during normal daylight working hours. The two-hour meetings include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following topics/agenda: 
     1 - Welcome and Introductions
     2 - Risk Management WG Overview
     3 - Update of Risk Management Content for the INCOSE SE Handbook 5th Ed. - Overview/Status, Input from Attendees, Discussion
     4 - What's new in (FDIS) ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085:2021 "Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Risk management"
     5 - Risk Management Presentation from WG Member or Guest
     6 - Open Discussion - Ideas, Needs, Expectations, etc. for the INCOSE Risk Management WG of the Future
     7 – Development of New INCOSE Risk Management Products (e.g., a proposed Primer/Booklet)

IMPORTANT: Because of the Worldwide 24/7 Virtual IW2021 Conferencing Platform, the meeting times and participation information for the six (6) meetings is complicated (e.g., expressed in tables with 16 time zones). We recommend that, for reference, you View/Download the Schedule and Participation Options for the Risk Management WG meetings.


Planned Presentations at the Next Events