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Framework for a Marketplace/Innovation Space within INCOSE, a CAB Collaboration

  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
  • Using Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) as part of the SBSE WG. 
  • The FedTech Foundry Team and their work with  DOE Emerging Tech Studio
  • FedTech Umbrella: National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

Mission & Objectives

The SBSE WG Purpose

Is to support and extend the ISO's VSE initiative to foster the involvement of small and medium systems engineering organizations' efforts by providing products that support ISO 29110 series of technical recommendations.

  • Support Systems Engineering concepts that have been adopted and adapted by most industries
  • In the context of Very Small Entities (VSE) and Small Business, these concepts can be tailored to improve:

•Product development efficiency
•Product Quality
•Contribute to Standardization

The SBSE WG Goals:

  1. Use Systems Engineering concepts to improve and make product development within small businesses more efficient
  2. Elaborate tailored guidance for small businesses to apply, in the context of either a prime or subcontractor role
  3. Elaborate tailored guidance to apply to small projects
  4. Contribute to standardization in the context of Systems Engineering
  5. Identify funding sources for small businesses to develop technical innovations that need systems engineering.
  6. Identify small businesses that are working on innovation programs, including both small business set asides (such as SBIR and STTR) and technology transfer as targets for applying systems engineering for small businesses and eventually role models.
  7. Provide a means for small businesses to connect to small businesses teaming partners, Small Business Liaison Officers of large firms, universities associated, with INCOSE, and mentors among SBSE WG and INCOSE members.

Working Group Scope:

The Small Business Systems Engineering (SBSE) Working Group (formerly the VSE WG) is creating Deployment Packages (DPs) for the benefit of and critical to small businesses and very small entities success. These DPs, developed to support the ISO/IEC 29110 systems engineering set of standard and guides, provide systems engineering process information tailored and scaled for use by the small business and very small entities. The DPs will provide systems engineering tasks and activities for quick and efficient implementation. These DPs are derived from ISO Standards (15288, 12207) and the INCOSE SE Handbook.  In addition to the DPs, the SBSE WG is collecting case studies and developing training materials. All of these can be used by industry and governments worldwide.



Contact the SBSE WG
Rüdiger Kaffenberger: Co-chair
Angela Robinson: Co-chair
Ken Ptack: Co-chair
Claude Laporte: Co-chair

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Working Groups and Initiatives

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Working Groups

INCOSE working groups are a great place to meet individuals who are looking to overcome similar challenges.  These groups often span multiple regions and industries, so we can really look at these topics in a broad, informed way.   In the North Star Chapter, we have several members Chair/working in different groups like the Measurement, SE in Very Small Enterprises (VSE), Handbook as well as others. There are many topics to choose from.  Finding the groups and joining is easy!

To join any working group:

1. Login to your account at INCOSE.ORG

2. Click on the “Profile Home” link at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down to “My committees/Working Groups and click on the link “Browse/Join a Working Group”

4. This will result in a list of Working Groups under the header Committees.  (The terms are interchangeable)

5. Scroll down until you see find a committee that you are interested in.  Click the link and then on the right click on the (view) link.

6. This will result in a roster of current WG members.  

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and under “Committee Tasks” click on "Join this Committee"

Working groups are a great way to learn more about a subject, grow your network, and share your knowledge about a subject. 

Get Started TODAY with this link to Working Groups page!

Working Group Products

Public Site of the ISO Working Group Mandated to Develop ISO/IEC 29110 Standards and Guides for Very Small Entities involved in the Development or Maintenance of Systems and/or Software

As systems and software quality increasingly become a subject of concern, and as process approaches are maturing and earning the confidence of organizations, the use of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 international standards is spreading in organizations of all sizes. 

A Very Small Entity (VSE) is an entity (enterprise, organization, department or project) having up to 25 people. However, most standards were not written having in mind Very Small Entities (VSEs) and are consequently difficult to apply in such settings. Worldwide, the percentage of micro and small enterprises is quite high. The table below shows that 92.2% of Eurepoean enterprises have up to 9 employees, another 6.5% have between 10 to 49 employees. Micro enterprises account for 70% to 90% of enterprises in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries and about 57% in USA.

Size of Enterprises in Europe (Moll, R., Being prepared – A bird’s eye view of SMEs and risk management, ISO Focus +, February 2013)

Here is a link to Professor Claude Y. Laporte's website for detailed information on SE for VSE.



Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

The next Planned Working Events are for IW2023.  Updates begin October 2022.



Planned Presentations at the Next Events

Welcome to IS2022

IS2022 Meetings

Session 1: 25-Jun-22: 10:00 CDT
SBSE WG Technical Products Review
Review of Phase 1 TPP submissions; Basic Profile, Project Management, Configuration Management, and Requirements Engineering. Review work for Phase 2 Deployment Packages; Physical & Functional Architecture, Interface Management and Integration. Discuss ISO 29110 Updates and progress with ISO on IP for SBSE WG Technical Products. 

  1. Deployment Packages
  2. ISO 29110 Updates

Session 2: 29-Jun-22: 10:00 CDT
Framework of a Marketplace/Innovation information

Updates on  using Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) as part of the SBSE WG.  An introduction to the FedTech Foundry Team and their work with  DOE Emerging Tech Studio.  

  • Framework of a Marketplace/Innovation
    1. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR
    1. European Small Business Model: Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
    2. FedTech Umbrella: National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)
    3. Concept for Small Business collaboration with INCOSE membership for product development

      a. CAB Collaboration