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Artificial Intelligence Systems


NEXT AI Explorer Event

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

10:30 AM
US Eastern Time

AI Explorer events feature two brief (TED-style) talks on key Artificial Intelligence
topics and allow time for questions and discussion by all participants



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AI Systems Working Group Intranet Page

Mission & Objectives

The general goals of the AI Systems WG are to identify needs of the international AI community (industry, academia, government) which are well-suited for contributions by INCOSE, and to provide expertise across SE functions and lifecycle management that can be used by industry to promote the development of AI Systems. The specific goals are to: 1) identify and communicate emerging AI technologies that can be applied to the engineering of systems (AI for SE), including AI that appertains to industries of the Future, and 2) develop and communicate advances in SE methods needed to effectively engineer systems with embedded AI (SE for AI). To meet these goals, the following research objectives have been identified: 

  • Explore Human-AI collaboration

  • Evaluate Safety and Security of AI systems

  • Measure and evaluate AI technologies through standards and benchmarks

  • Understand and promote workforce development and STEM initiatives

  • Contribute to public-private partnerships and affiliations to accelerate advances  

  • Establish best practices for using AI techniques in Systems and Systems Engineering


Barclay R. Brown, Ph.D., ESEP, Assoc. Director AI Research Collins Aerospace

Ali Raz, George Mason University

Tom McDermott - Stevens Institute of Technology

Interested?! Please contact the chairs for how to get involved!

Working Group Products

SE & AI Primer

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

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