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MBSE Patterns Working Group

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the INCOSE MBSE Patterns Working Group is to advance the availability and awareness of practices and resources associated with the impactful creation, application, and continuous improvement of MBSE Patterns over multiple system life cycles.  The practice of MBSE using System Patterns is also referred to as Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE).

This Working Group is a 2016 re-chartering of the former INCOSE MBSE Patterns Challenge Team, originally chartered in 2013 as a part of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative, which it continues to closely support. This Working Group Charter's closely follows the original Challenge Team Charter, updated in 2016 to mark the INCOSE organizational re-classification of this Challenge Team as a Working Group, while continuing the general mission of this historically active team.

As used here, System Patterns are configurable, re-usable System Models that would otherwise be like those expected and found in the practice of MBSE (not limited to, but including, OMG SysML models). Through the availability and use of System Patterns, the outcomes targeted by MBSE models are made more accessible, in terms of ease (and skill requirements) of generation and use, associated modeling cost, schedule, risk, completeness, and consistency, etc.  Over time, System Patterns become points of accumulation of organizational learning and expertise. Because they are configurable and re-usable models of families or classes of systems, model-based System Patterns involve some additional methods and disciplines that extend the ideas of MBSE (e.g., Pattern Management, Configuration Rules, model minimality, etc.).

INCOSE has recognized the importance of model-based methods, in establishing the strategic objective to accelerate systems engineering transformation to a model-based discipline. The work of the MBSE Patterns Working Group increases the value, leverage, and applicability of system models as further described below.   


    Working Group Chair: Bill Schindel, 
    Working Group Co-chair: Troy Peterson, 

Working Group Products

The MBSE Patterns Working Group is a part of the INCOSE/OMG MBSE Initiative, which maintains a shared OMG-INCOSE wiki, called the MBSE wiki, at This wiki includes extensive listing of the products and meeting materials of the MBSE Patterns Working Group, along with related references.  Refer to

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

For a listing of MBSE Working Group working sessions and activities at the INCOSE International Workshop 2017, Jan 28-31, 2017, refer to . 

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

For a listing of MBSE Working Group planned presentations and related activities at the INCOSE International Symposium, in July 15-20, 2017, refer to .