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The Systems Engineering Tools Database
Working Group
Updated March 6, 2022

Mission & Objectives

Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Working Group Mission

To  provide the systems engineering community a reliable source of information about software tools they are using or wish to use while executing their business processes throughout a product lifecycle.

Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Working Group Objectives

  • To provide information about tools in defined categories consistent with executing the processes defined in ISO 15288:2015 (as well as subsequent updated versions) and the systems engineering processes defined in the 4th Edition (and subsequent editions) of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.
  • To provide the systems engineering and operational management of the SETDB Project in collaboration with  Project Performance International (PPI), with the support of INCOSE and PPI IT departments, participation of INCOSE Working Groups and the sponsorship of INCOSE Technical Operations.

The SETDB is available via this link:


Working Group Chair: John Nallon

Working Group Co-Chair(s)
: Stephane LaCrampe (ObeoSoft);  Rene King (Project Performance International)

Development Team Members
: John Nallon, Robert Halligan, Stephane Lacrampe, Rene King, Nicolas Castan, Wesley Hewett, David Sellnow, Lamont McAiley, Donna Long, Alwyn Smit.

General Membership
: Active and non-active members are maintained on the SETDB WG Committee list to provide them working group activity announcements and access to the working group web-pages and documentation.

Board Sponsor(s)/Champion(s)

  • The President of INCOSE
  • The Director and Deputy Director of Technical Operations (TechOps): responsible for resource advocacy and SETDB status reporting to the INCOSE BOD and external stakeholders
  • The INCOSE Chief Information Officer
  • The INCOSE Assistant Director Transformational

SETDB Technical Board: Robert Halligan (PPI), John Nallon (INCOSE)

Working Group Collaboration: MBSE Initiative, Requirements Working Group, Configuration Management Working Group.

INCOSE-PPI Relationship Manager:  John Nallon

Working Group Products

In collaboration with Project Performance International (PPI), the INCOSE SETDB WG provides the Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) for INCOSE and PPI members and stakeholders to assist with systems engineering tool searching and information collection.

The SETDB Working Group products are available on the SETDB CONNECT site and are for INCOSE and Product Performance International use only. They are not official INCOSE products.

  1. The Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) Working Group Charter
  2. The Systems Engineering Tools Database Technical Project Plan (TPP)
  3. The SETDB Project Plan
  4. The SETDB Operational Concept Description (OCD)
  5. The SETDB Capability System Requirements Specification (CapSyRS)
  6. The SETDB Use Cases
  7. The SETDB System Models
  8. The SETDB Requirements Engineering Model
  9. The SETDB Tools Category and Taxonomy Model
  10. The SETDB Verification Strategy
  11. The SETDB Verification Plan 
  12. The SETDB Operational Procedures

The Systems Engineering Tools Database, the INCOSE 2021 Product of the Year, is available at


Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

The SETDB WG will be participating in the Hybrid INCOSE 2022 International Workshop (IW) being held in January 29 to February 01, 2022. 

The SETDB Also:

  • Meets weekly via virtual communication technology (typically on Thursday between 1400 and 1700 Eastern Time).
  • Supports working sessions with other INCOSE working groups, other professional societies, commercial and industry committees, government organizations, academic institutions and tool vendors virtually and at scheduled events.


Planned Presentations at the Next Events

INCOSE IS 2022 - Detroit, Michigan; July 25 - 30, 2022

  • Meeting Dates:  TBD
  • Location: Hybrid
  • Venue:  Zoom and On-site
  • Website: IS 2022 Website
  • Meetings and Presentations:

           To Be Announced as the schedule becomes public in 2022. 

Systems Engineering Tools Working Group Communications

  • Working Group Meetings are held every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time USA via ZOOM
  • Operational Procedure Development are held as need on Friday at 3 PM Eastern Time USA via ZOOM
  • INCOSE CONNECT is used for working group product configuration management and archival
  • Microsoft Teams is being utilized by the Project Team to
    • Manage links to many related sites for easy access.
    • Manage working group communications using YAMMER.
    • Communicate with TechOps, All of INCOSE, and many TEAMS community sites.
    • Provide easy access to the SETDB JIRA Project using JIRA Software for Tracking issues, test cases, use cases and to manage assignments.
    • Maintain Meeting Minutes and the SETDB Verification matrix on Google Docs.