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Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Management Working Group


             Enabling Integrated Tools and Business Processes and Managing Models in a Model Based Systems Engineering Environment

Mission & Objectives

The TIMLM WG mission is to provide a forum for discussion and information dissemination on best practices, methods and processes that promote the development, validation and deployment of standards to advance data exchange capability of digital data created during a product development lifecycle.

  • To characterize systems engineering tool integration and interoperability requirements.
  • To specify requirements and assess solutions for model life cycle management and data exchange.
  • To foster efficiency of systems engineering process execution through integrated processes, tools and environments including design, manufacturing and sustainment lifecycle systems.
  • To provide forums for discussion and information dissemination regarding tool integration, process implementation and operational behavior.
  • To promote the development, validation and deployment of standards that advance the interoperability of systems engineering toolsets.
  • To address model lifecycle management concerns and to establish scenarios and best practices that address the concerns of the community.
  • To determine efficient modeling structures to use including the repository, the models, and data within the models.  


The Working Group Chair maintain the direction of the working group, the collaborations with external organizations, as well as organize and track project progress. They are responsible for reporting the working group status to the Assistant Director for SE Transformation.

The Co-chairs attend the monthly Technical Operations meetings, annual International Workshop sessions and the annual  International Symposium meetings. The co-chairs organize and conduct the working group meetings at the International Workshops and Annual Symposiums, create Technical Project Plans for selected projects and assign the Technical Project Leaders.

Chair: June 2016 - June 2019: John Nallon ; Co-chair Lonnie VanZandt
Working Group Projects and Project Leaders:
 organize and lead project teams throughout the year and at the International Workshop and Annual Symposium. They execute technical project plans and recruit project participants to meet their goals and objectives.
TIMLM WG Projects:
      A.  Model Lifecycle Management:
Lonnie Van Zandt, INCOSE. Objectives: To address model lifecycle management concerns and establish scenarios and best practices that address the concerns of the community.
      B.  LOTAR for MBSE:
Mark Williams, PDES Inc. ;  John Nallon, INCOSE; Frank Salvatore, INCOSE. Objectives: Identify the MBSE and System Architecture deliverables that should be preserved in long term storage and define the applicable standards for the data representations and exchange.
      C.  SE Tools Database Project:
 Rene King, PPI and Wesley Hewett, INCOSE. Objective: 
To develop a new SE Tools Database application and service that provides a comprehensive systems engineering tools knowledge base accessed via the INCOSE Website.

Working Group Products

In collaboration with PDES Inc. the TIMLM WG participates in the application and analysis of data exchange standards and development of recommendations to improve the standards that define the integration and interoperability of systems engineering tools and data exchange. The TIMLM WG communicates with our members, numerous vendors, standards groups and professional organizations interested in further developing the data exchange capabilities and the management of models throughout the lifecycle of a product.

In collaboration with Project Performance International (PPI) the TIMLM WG  is developing the next generation Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB). The project leaders are communicating with our members, numerous vendors, INCOSE and PPI stakeholders and Working Groups that are interested in developing a new tools body of knowledge. 

Historical Working Group Products: (available on our CONNECT site)

INCOSE International Workshop Presentations, Panels and Workshops
- January 2016; Update of the  Systems Engineering Tool Matrix 
                            SySML Model Portability Project Review
                            SE Traceability Project Review
- January 2017; Systems Engineering Requirements and Traceability Project Review
                            OSLC Core 3.0 Overview
                            Inter-model Error Checking and Consistency
                            Model Exchange Issues Using OMG Standards
                            Model Lifeycyle Management Workshop
                            PDES/LOTAR Project Introduction - Long Term Storage and Retrieval of Digital Data
                            Data Exchange Standards AP233/AP239/AP242 and MoSSEC Review
- January 2018;  LOTAR for MBSE Project Review
                            Tools Database Project Overview 
                            SysML v2 proposals discussion 
                            OSLC Status and Discusssion 
                            Criteria for an MBSE Environment 
                            MBSE Standards and Boeing Methodology 
                            Modeling and Data Interoperability Standards: What's Next?
                            MoSSEC: ISO 10303-AP243 Review
- IW2017: MBSE and TIMLM WG Presentations (Requires Member Login); IW 2017 MBSE Wiki
- IW2018: MBSE and TIMLM WG Presentations (Requires Member Login); IW 2018 MBSE Wiki

International Symposium Papers/Panels/Tutorials
- IS2014; Model Lifecycle Management for MBSE (Lonnie VanZandt)
- IS2014: Do Systems Engineers Have a Tool/Standards Infrastructure that Enables Easy Access to the Information They Require? (Panel: Dr. Julian Johnson)
- IS2016: Crafting a Collaboration Space for the Conceptualization of a Collaborative Engineering Service for the Management of Modeled Engineering Artifacts Throughout Their  Enterprise Lifecycle. (Paper: Lonnie VanZandt)
- IS2017: Be It Resolved: You are Wasting Time. You Need Better Systems for Model Management and Collaboration; also, Cultural Change Would Help. (Panel: Lonnie VanZandt) \

Collaborative Alliances:
- PDES Inc.  and PPI Pty Ltd.

Applicable Data Exchange Standards and Language Involvement:
- ISO 10303 - AP233; Systems Engineering Data Exchange
- ISO 10303 - AP239; Product Lifecycle Support
ISO 10303 - AP242; Managed Model Based 3D Engineering
- ISO 10303 - AP243MoSSeC: Modeling and Simulation information in a Collaborative Systems Engineering Context 
OSLC - Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration
ReQIF - Requirements Interchange Format
- SySML - Systems Modeling Language


The TIMLM WG has developed a few surveys to help us gather information regarding tool integration and model life cycle management. Reports are generated from these surveys and used for a variety of tool related projects, including the maintenance of a Systems Engineering Tool Matrix. Please take a few minutes to fill out a survey and help us plan the future of tool integration and model life cycle management in the systems engineering domain. Thank you in advance.

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

This Tools Integration and Model Lifecycle Managment Working Group participates in weekly working sessions for our main projects. We also hold working sessions every year at the International Workshop (Jan/Feb) and the International Symposium (Jun/Jul). All working group members receive schedule and agenda announcements via the working group e-News, and  the event planning details are posted on the working group web-site and in INCOSE CONNECT. INCOSE or Non-INCOSE members with interest in this working group may inquire about activities and questions by contacting Co-Chair - John Nallon  or Co-Chair Lonnie VanZandt.

Activity Planning is underway for at the INCOSE International Workshop 2019; Torrance, California USA January 26 - January 29, 2018

  • Lotar for MBSE Project Sessions: Getting started with a quick overview of 2018 and plans for 2019, a review of progress on the Lotar for MBSE Project and data exchange standards. Presentations on Model Lifecycle Management and case studies are also anticipated.
  • SE Tools Database Project: INCOSE has initiated a joint project to develop a new web-based Systems Engineering Tools Database with Project Performance International (PPI). The database will be accessible from the INCOSE and PPI websites, with login access administered by INCOSE and PPI IT systems.  A project review will be conducted with progress to-date, planned activities to enable a proto-type for early adaptors and tool vendors.

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual

INCOSE IS 2019 - Orlando, Florida USA

SysEng Graphical Representation website