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Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Management Working Group



  Updated June 17, 2019

Mission & Objectives

The Tool Integration and Model Lifecyle Management WG provides a forum for discussion and information dissemination on best practices, methods and processes that promote the development, validation and deployment of standards to advance data exchange capability of digital data created during a product development lifecycle.

  • To characterize systems engineering tool integration and interoperability requirements.
  • To specify requirements and assess solutions for model life cycle management and data exchange.
  • To provide forums for discussion and information dissemination regarding tool integration, process implementation and effectiveness of data exchange standards.
  • To promote the development, validation and deployment of standards that advance the interoperability of systems engineering tool sets.
  • To address model lifecycle management concerns and to establish scenarios and best practices that address the needs of the community.
  • To determine efficient modeling structures to use including the repository, the models, and data within the models.  


Working Group Chair: John Nallon ;
Working Group Co-chair: Mark Williams,
Working Group Co-chair: Robert Malone
TIMLM WG Projects:
      A.  Model Lifecycle Management:
Co-Chair Leadership Opening. Objectives: To address model lifecycle management concerns and establish scenarios and best practices that address the concerns of the community. Includes support for the LOTAR for MBSE standards development project.
      B.  MBSE for PDES: Co-Chair: Mark Williams, Chair of MBSE for PDES WG ; PDES Inc.; Objectives: Identify the MBSE and System Architecture deliverables that should be preserved in long term storage and define the applicable standards for the data representations and exchange.
      C.  SE Tools Database Project:
 Now an INCOSE WG and has it's own website
      D. Requirements Traceability Across the Product Lifecycle: John Russell INCOSE. (NEW) Details coming soon.

Working Group Products

In collaboration with PDES Inc. the TIMLM WG participates in the application and analysis of data exchange standards and development of recommendations to improve the standards that define the integration and interoperability of systems engineering tools and data exchange. The TIMLM WG communicates with our members, numerous vendors, standards groups and professional organizations interested in further developing the data exchange capabilities and the management of models throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Historical Working Group Products: (available on our CONNECT site)

INCOSE International Workshop Presentations, Panels and Workshop artifacts can be found on the TIMLM WG Technical Library on CONNECT and on the  MBSE Wiki.

International Symposium Papers/Panels/Tutorials
- IS2014 : Model Lifecycle Management for MBSE (Lonnie VanZandt)
- IS2014 : Do Systems Engineers Have a Tool/Standards Infrastructure that Enables Easy Access to the Information They Require? (Panel: Dr. Julian Johnson)
IS2016 : Crafting a Collaboration Space for the Conceptualization of a Collaborative Engineering Service for the Management of Modeled Engineering Artifacts Throughout Their  Enterprise Lifecycle. (Paper: Lonnie VanZandt)
- IS2017 : Be It Resolved: You are Wasting Time. You Need Better Systems for Model Management and Collaboration; also, Cultural Change Would Help. (Panel: Lonnie VanZandt)

Applicable Data Exchange Standards and Language Activities:

- ISO 10303 - AP233 : Systems Engineering Data Exchange
- ISO 10303 - AP239 : Product Lifecycle Support
ISO 10303 - AP242 : Managed Model Based 3D Engineering
- ISO 10303 - AP243MoSSeC (Modeling and Simulation information in a Collaborative Systems Engineering Context) : The globalization of the aerospace and defense industries is driving large volumes of work for modelling and simulation of product performance and behavior, into geographically distributed teams and into the supply chain. The modelling and simulation technical data is used to justify change decisions and to validate the product throughout development, certification and in-service. There are already mature standards for exchange of the modelling and simulation technical data, but these either do not include traceability to the systems engineering and product data management context, or are inefficient for data sharing. This context information can be summarized as “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “how”, “why”, and the goal of the MoSSEC project is to provide the standard for sharing this information. The MoSSEC project will be agnostic of the type of modelling and simulation, and it is the intention that the modelling and simulation data will continue to be exchanged with the technical standards in use today (e.g. AP209, AP210, AP242, FMI). This IW2019 presentation described the rationale and context for the work, provide the status and future plans of the project (developed as part of the ISO suite of STEP standards).

- LOTAR ( Long Term Archival and Retrevial ) : To realistically reduce the cost of developing new products the Systems Engineering community must evolve from our document based paradigm and embrace Model Based Engineering.  The foundation of this evolution is MBSE.  But the slow implementation of MBSE is an industry problem that relies on data standards, defining WHAT must be exchanged, HOW to exchange, data interoperability and preservation.  We also need Leadership and a robust source of Vendor products.  Any alternatives must include not just the OEMs, but also the supply base. INCOSE, PDES and LOTAR working groups have started analyzing the shift from a document paradigm to a MBSE paradigm for the LOTAR of product data and the transfer of technical data packages in the supply chain.

OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) : Part of the OASIS standards group. OASIS is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open   standards for the global information society. Follow this link for a listing of OASIS standards. This is not a product of INCOSE or this working group. We do have working group members partcipating in OSLC leaderhip and projects..

ReQIF (Requirements Interchange Format) : Part of the OMG family of standards and is a requirement interchange format for tool data exchange. INCOSE OMG members are supporting.

- SySML (Systems Modeling Language) : Part of the OMG family of standards and is currently under revision (v2). SysML v2 Update Reports are available on our CONNECT Site and the OMG Wiki. INCOSE OMG members are supporting as is the INCOSE OMG Liaison.

Standards Work in Progress

ISO-IECJTC1-SC7_N8226_ISOIEC_CD_24641: Methods and Tools for Model Based Systems and Software Engineering. An emerging standard currently under committee review. In INCOSE review team led by Robert Malone is actively reviewing and commenting on the standard at this time. INCOSE inputs are due in June.

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

  • This Tools Integration and Model Lifecycle Managment Working Group participates in weekly working sessions with PDES and LOTAR MBSE Working Groups.
  • Working sessions are held every year at the International Workshop (Jan/Feb) and the International Symposium (Jun/Jul).
  • All working group members receive schedule and agenda announcements via the working group e-News, and  the event planning details are posted on the working group web-site and in INCOSE CONNECT. INCOSE or Non-INCOSE members with interest in this working group may inquire about activities and questions by contacting John Nallon, TIMLM WG Chair 

LOTAR MBSE Working Group Workshop (Virtual)

      • MBSE WG workshop will now be held May 26-28, with the following times
        • 26 May 06:30-08:00 PDT  and 08:30-10:00 PDT / 15:30-17:00 CET  17:30-19:00 CET
        • 27 May 06:30-08:00 PDT  and 08:30-10:00 PDT / 15:30-17:00 CET  17:30-19:00 CET 
        • 28 May 06:30-08:00 PDT  and 08:30-10:00 PDT / 15:30-17:00 CET  17:30-19:00 CET  
        • WebEx details have been e-mailed out by Mark Williams
        • Proposed Agenda
          • 26 Slot 1 - Agenda review and Part 500 documentation
          • 26 Slot 2 - Property requirements modelling (INCOSE presentation from Brendon Hall - Honeywell)
          • 27 Slot 1 - Part 520 documentation review
          • 27 Slot 2 - BOE-MIC to AP243 mapping
          • 28 Slot 1 - Contents for AIP
          • 28 Slot 2 - Actions review and WG summary presentation to be created   
        • Topics in progress before workshop
          • SOW based on Modelon input (Mark Williams)
          • Update P500 (Adrian Murton)
          • Update status on P520 (Kurt Woodham, Mark Williams, Adrian Murton)
          • BOEING MIC - AP243 mapping (Juan Mendo, Judith Crockford)
          • See also actions below

Participation is available by WEBEX

The INCOSE International Workshop 2021; January 29 through 31st; Seville, Spain 

TIMLM Working Group Sessions:  To Be Determined, check here for further information

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual

INCOSE IS 2020 - Capetown, South Africa has Gone Virtual

           To Be Announced as the schedule becomes public in early June

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