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CHAPTERS:   Local chapters are essential in supporting local members and achieving INCOSE's goals and objectives. Far more than local administrative groups, chapters are performing units that organize a multitude of professional and social programs, conduct membership recruitment and retention drives, support technical activities striving to advance the state and art of systems engineering, and market INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering.  Chapters are a primary conduit between INCOSE's technical products and publications, and local INCOSE members and their companies. 

GOAL:   Sector Leadership provides the first line of support. To provide more in-depth help, the Keys to Effective Chapters program aims to identify and promote best practices for chapters, to help them operate efficiently by providing basic process guidelines and examples of best practices.

WHY:   Often there are significant changes in leadership from year to year with challenges as the new team starts over. The Keys Library offers a path for a smooth transition.

WHO:   While the primary target is current chapter leaders, everyone who is an INCOSE member is able to read and download any document posted on this site. Chapter Officers can also add content to this site by clicking Edit at the top right side of this page.​

WHEN:   Soon after chapter elections, the leadership team should take the chapter leader training (see links in the Leadership section).  Planning is one of the first activities for the year and the Keys Library provides some suggestions on planning plus examples of planning documents. Likewise, for new activities throughout the year, the Keys provides tips, guidelines, and examples. 

CHAPTER AWARDS SUPPORT:   The Keys to Effective Chapters Library is organized according to the Chapter Circle Awards criteria as a handy reference. 

OTHER ANCILLARY SUPPORT FOR CHAPTER LEADERSHIP:   INCOSE YouTube Channel: Contains many systems engineering-related videos. Click Here.​

Transitioning New Chapter Leaders

  • Re-align the Team
  • Calendar
  • Elections
  • Transition Plan
  • On-boarding New Officers (Review by-laws/Policy for chapters, link to chapter website)

Foundational Documents

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals


  • Website

  • Newsletter

  • Publicity
  • Ambassadors

  • Wiki 


  • Presentations

  • Speaking
Opportunities (Unpaid)
  • Regional Conferences 
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