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President's Blog December 2016

Alan Harding

Dec 07, 2016

Over the last ten weeks I have attended events in all three of our sectors, spanning 14 time zones and involving over 800 INCOSE members. These have all been landmark events,  causes for celebration of either sustained achievement or major milestones towards the future.

  • INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference, Michigan, USA – the tenth anniversary of this regional event
  • APCOSEC, Bangalore, India – the first APCOSEC fully run by INCOSE and our first significant event in India
  • 1st INCOSE Beijing SE Summit, China – our first significant event in China
  • INCOSE NL SE Experience – celebrating the Netherlands chapter 20 anniversary

Two things have struck me:
1. How much we all have in common - issues, experiences, priorities. Each event included material on practical application of the Vee model, progress and learning in applying MBSE, and on professional development. There was variety in what was presented but in my view the relative maturity and insight was pretty consistent - a significant lesson to any of us who had imagined that one nation or domain might be materially ahead of any others.
2. INCOSE's uniquely diverse membership and the opportunity it offers. Each event highlighted the value of sharing between application domains, and how unlike some other societies INCOSE offers the chance to share with and learn from practitioners wrestling with the same challenges in differing application domains. I firmly believe that this diversity is a huge strength for us, and had discussions with chapter leadership about reaching out to other domains to increase this variety in their areas.

This combination of common challenges across differing application areas is a vital part of our value proposition to our individual and corporate members - the ability to mature our approaches as a result of learning from others with related challenges and experiences. Within chapter, WG, initiative, or at a regional or international event we all get the chance to share and learn from people wrestling with the same challenge but in a different context. We should really ensure that we recognise and grab these opportunities enthusiastically because this is how we all become better systems engineers.