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Webinar 15:00 UTC: AP233 Systems Engineering Overview

INCOSE Webinar: AP233 Systems Engineering Overview
Date: 18 August 2010
Time: 15:00 UTC
Presenter(s): Dr.Philip Spiby
General Webinar Details:

INCOSE has been working with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to define a Systems Engineering data exchange standard ISO 10303-233 (AP233 as it widely known). ISO formally accepted the standard in 2010 following a lengthy international review process. The standard supports exchange and sharing of Systems Engineering data between dissimilar systems used by different partners in a virtual enterprise. It therefore enables integrated product and project views in an enterprise development program.
The scope of AP233 is wide ranging, from the business data such as project management, issue management and risk management, through to technical data such as requirements management, system modelling (both structure and behaviour), trade studies and links to analysis, etc. AP233 builds upon and extends the capabilities in other industry standards such as STEP and PLCS and has been developed within INCOSE to be used alongside OMG SysML. It provides a means of integrating product data from requirements, through systems engineering, including design, manufacturing into maintenance and disposal.
This webinar will provide an overview of the scope and usage of AP233, including results from a number of industry pilot studies. The use of AP233 to support SysML configuration and change
Dr Philip Spiby is a key technical developer of the International Standard ISO 10303-233 Systems Engineering (known as AP233). He is a co-chair of the INCOSE Model Driven Systems Design Working Group responsible to INCOSE for ensuring AP233 meets the requirements of SE Practitioners. He is also a member of the INCOSE Model Based Systems Engineering team helping to develop the INCOSE 2020 vision based in the Modeling paradigm.
He was project lead for the International Standard Information Modeling Language EXPRESS, and has contributed to the development of a number of other Engineering Standards including AP239 Product Life Cycle Support and AP209 Multidisciplinary Engineering Analysis. He works for Eurostep Limited a company specializing in providing consultancy and software solutions for Information management to a large number of multi-national companies and Government agencies. Prior to joining Eurostep in 1995 he was employed by the CAD/CAM Data Exchange Technical Centre (CADDETC) a commercial spin-off from Leeds University developing software solutions for the CAD/CAM area. He has worked for over 20 years defining and deploying information standards for the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Civil Engineering and Pharmaceutical domains. 
INCOSE has been working with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to define a Systems Engineering data exchange standard ISO 10303-233 (AP233 as it widely known).