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Webinar 15:00 UTC:"The Impact of Communication on System Outcomes"

INCOSE Webinar: " The Impact of Communication on System Outcomes"
Date:  16 July 2014
Time: 15:00 UTC/ 11am EDT
Presenter(s):  Mark Phillips
General Webinar Details: Webinar 65

The Impact of Communication on System Outcomes
This high energy session introduces a ground-breaking approach to thinking about communication as a system design parameter. Successful program delivery is critical.
High performing programs, successfully delivered, power efficient day-to-day operations and drive long term, strategic growth. High performing program environments deliver
needed solutions that drive competitive advantage. However, even the most mature enterprise can fail to execute high performing programs, impacting operations, strategy
and long-term success, particularly in competitive environments. This presentation is focused on the underlying principals at work within high performing programs and a
revolutionary new way to understand and utilize the power of communication to ensure long-term success and the delivery of competitive advantage.
Learning Goals
1. An enhanced awareness of the importance of communication as a system design
element in determining technical program outcomes.
2. Case studies from U.S. Defense programs, UK civil works and global projects where
effective communication across all stakeholders led to successful delivery.
3. Case studies where ineffective communication within the program team led to
disastrous outcomes.
4. Introduction of a new, robust method for using communication to design, lead and
manage high performing programs.
Mark Phillips is the author of Reinventing Communication,
from Gower Publishing, a book about project management, system design and complexity. Mark is an accomplished CEO and thought leader with a passion for Project Communication. For over 17 years he has built a project management software company and consultancy, serving clients including multinational automotives, web start-ups, global telecoms and financial service providers. He led product development on a cutting-edge U.S. Army Research Lab program. His
ideas are in use within the Department of Defense for improving program outcomes. His work has appeared in publications including C|Net, eWeek, the Small Wars Journal, Project Manager Today, PM World Journal, the Measurable News and the APM blog. He delivers keynotes, seminars and workshops worldwide. He is a board member of the College of Performance Management. Mark holds a Masters in Applied Economics from University of Michigan and B.Sc. [Econ] from the London School of Economics. He is a certified Project Management Professional. Mark can be contacted through the ReinventingCommunication website, as well as through LinkedIn and Twitter.
The Impact of Communication on System Outcomes