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Webinar 87: Minding the Cyber-Physical Gap (11:00 AM EST)

Meeting Title: Minding the Cyber-Physical Gap: Modeling Reality vs. its Perception by Systems with OPM
Presenter Name: Yaniv Mordecai
Date: Wednesday 17 February 2016
Time EST: 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Webinar 87 How to Attend
Webinar 87 Minding the Cyber-Physical Gap Abstract and Author Bio

Please join me on February 17th from 11am-12pm EST for the next INCOSE webinar. As described in the flyers on the INCOSE Connect website, Yaniv Mordecai will give a presentation on " Minding the Cyber-Physical Gap: Modeling Reality vs. its Perception by Systems with OPM"

Instructions for viewing the webinar are later in this email. You will also find a copy of the joining instructions on the new INCOSE Connect website, at 

Note that the webinar is a combination of PowerPoint slides + audio.  You need to set your browser to the url listed below to see the slides and also dial into the phone number below to hear the audio.  We are using Webex for this webinar. Please note that you can now access the webinar using mobile devices. There are 300 virtual seats available for the webinar.  Right now they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you miss the webinar on 17th February, you will be able to see a recording of it on INCOSE Connect at where you will also be able to view the previous eighty-five INCOSE webinars.

Please note that you can now receive a PDU in support of certification renewal by attending an INCOSE technical webinar. Here is the link to details about certification renewal, including information on PDUs.

The cyber-physical gap (CPG) is the conceptual gap between reality and ,...