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A better world through a systems approach

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Webinar 116: Agile SE Processes 201: Problem Space Derived Solution Requirements

Meeting Title: Agile SE Processes 201: Problem Space Derived Solution Requirements
 Name: Rick Dove
Date: Wednesday 19 September 2018
Time EDT:
11:00am-12:00pm (3pm-4pm UTC)

INCOSE Webinar 116 Invitation

The definition of agile systems engineering is rooted in what it does, not how it does it. What it does is respond effectively in a life cycle environment that is capricious, uncertain, risky, variable, and evolving. How it does that is a product of analyzing response requirements dictated by the nature of the life cycle environment. The design and evolution of an operationally effective agile systems engineering process is itself a systems engineering activity, one that requires an attentive emphasis on problem space characterization and ongoing evolution. This webinar will cover methods for developing and maintaining problem space characterization, and identifying and tracing the life cycle response requirements dictated by that characterization. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do. Process examples analyzed in the INCOSE Agile Systems Engineering Life Cycle Model project will demonstrate the application of these methods.