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A better world through a systems approach

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Webinar Showcase: Family of Systems Disciplines by Zane Scott

There are a variety of systems disciplines all of which employ the concept of systems as a set of component elements related to each other and operating in ways that are determined by the relationships. This affords a system functionality beyond even the sum of the functionality offered by the component elements. What the various systems disciplines offer to each other is the variety of perspectives and approaches that those disciplines bring to the study and design of systems. Each discipline provides some unique way or ways of approaching systems problems and each one can profit by the contributions of the others. From dealing with complexity to thinking about emerging behaviors the disciplines can shine their lights beyond their traditional domains. This webinar explores some of those differences and suggests ways in which the disciplines can intersect opening new solutions and new market spaces for each other.
Zane has kindly agreed to refresh this material, so there will be a new broadcast on  Thursday 4 June from 11am – 12pm EDT.

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Event number: 592 107 744, Event password: INCOSE