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A better world through a systems approach

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Webinar Showcase: Three Years Later – Building the Mindset for PM / SE Integration with Randall C. Iliff, Eric S. Rebentisch and Stephen Townsend

PMandSE160Many changes have occurred during the three years since the publication of the groundbreaking book, Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering.
This session will explore these and other ways in which the organizations continue to build the “New Mindset” required for success on today’s engineering program challenges. Every System Engineer knows how critical the relationship with Program Management can be, and too few of us have experienced the magic that occurs when PM and SE are in sync throughout a project.
This is a rich topic that will benefit from dialog and discussion. To better serve the INCOSE community the presentation will be conducted twice on Monday 15th June, once at 11 AM Eastern Time and again at 8 PM Eastern Time. There will also be a live discussion following the close of the LinkedIn discussion period.  Be sure to bring your questions and share your experiences during the interactive sessions!

Please click here to register for the webinar and/or here to join the webinar.
Event number: 593 920 466, Event password: INCOSE