We want to strengthen systems engineering education by providing a means by which students/practitioners, employers and educators can understand the competencies addressed in Systems Engineering graduate programs, thus:

  • Enabling students/practitioners to quickly find programs that meet their educational needs and those of potential future employers, and find employers who value their skills.
  • Enabling employers to communicate with students/practitioners and educators their SE competency needs.
  • Enabling educators to update their programs to best serve the needs of employers and students/practitioners, and understand their competition.
  • Providing a means to support the evolution of Systems Engineering education.

We want to create a common place for employers, university programs, and students/practitioners to interact, for the benefit and improvement of all.



The lack of an overall SE academic community coupled with an inconsistent view of SE in practice has resulted in the lack of coherence in curriculum and educational programs which has impacted SE education’s ability to meet the rapidly changing needs of its practitioners, threatening SE with a lack of relevance.  





The SEEE team is dedicated to creating a collaborative ecosystem in which systems engineering educators can interact with SE employer partners, practitioners, and students to search, compare, define, and exchange program objectives and resources to enhance educational impact. This exponential pace of societal and technical change underlies the need for SEEE, and also demands that we design an adaptive resource that can stay one step ahead of the surrounding ecosystem.




Our Values

Underlying the collaborative effort is a desire, while preserving the uniqueness of SE programs that speak to particular varieties of students and professions, to enhance commonality among programs where it is beneficial, and establish a community-supported ideal of systems engineering education that will eventually create some commonality in the meaning of a systems engineering certificate and graduate degrees among employers and students, and thereby enhance the value of all of our programs.


The SEEE Portal


Central to SEEE is a web portal,, which will be used by students/practitioners, universities and employers. Every user has a data profile to describe themselves:

  • Students/practitioners can present data to determine their competencies and present themselves to prospective employers.
  • Universities can present their programs to students/practitioners and employers.
  • Employers can present their employment opportunities.

Every user can learn from the portal and up their own game:

  • Students/practitioners can determine their competency gaps based on their skills and the needs of their prospective employers, and choose a SE program that matches their needs.
  • Employers can look over SE programs and find the best places to recruit students/practitioners that must their job needs.
  • Universities can see how their SE program compares to other programs, and how their programs will provide their graduates with the skills to meet the needs of selected employers.


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