PicPlcHolder Steve Cantley

Steve Cantley is bb7's Director of R&D and Systems Engineering. Steve is originally from the Midwest, where he attended Michigan State University and earned his degree in Physics. His early career took him to Texas, initially working in aircraft and semiconductors. He eventually landed in Houston for his dream job – a seat in NASA’s Mission Control Center, responsible for the International Space Station’s electrical power system during the design phase and the first several years of ISS assembly. A veteran flight controller with more than 2500 hours of console support, Steve developed contingency hardware still onboard today, and he helped the Program rethink its critical spares strategy. Upon returning to the Midwest, Steve initially joined bb7 in support of the IceCube Antarctic neutrino detector project. During his time at bb7 he has helped create, or improve, four major Antarctic research tools, collaborated on several medical products, and implemented a design-oriented ISO-9001/13485-registered quality management system. Ask Him About: Traditional Japanese calligraphy, landscape photography, or beekeeping. Or, keep it light (or rather black!) and discuss “spaghettification”.