Download compilation of Technical presentations, tutorials and papers from the GLRC11 conference held in Twin Cities, Minnesota, from October 11-14, 2017. Downloads are available as 3 zipped folders and are described as follows-

1. Download Presentations
Click GLRC11 (password protected*) to download all presentations given on Thursday Oct 12, 2017 and Friday Oct 13, 2017. If a presentation was not given at the conference, it is not included in the proceedings. In addition, if an INCOSE IP Release form was not submitted, the presentation is not included in the zipped presentations.  For the presentation and panel details browse the GLRC11 Main program links. 

October 12 2017 Thursday
      Morning Session
      Afternoon Session

October 13 2017 Friday
      Morning Session
      Afternoon Session

2.  Download Tutorials
Click GLRC11 (password protected*) to download the tutorials given on Wednesday Oct 11, 2017 and Saturday Oct 14, 2017. For the tutorial details browse the GLRC11 tutorial program links. 

October 11 2017 Wednesday
Afternoon Session
October 14 2017 Saturday
Full Day Session

Keynote, featured, or invited speaker presentations are not included. Due to the nature of their presentations, these speakers are not required to provide INCOSE IP Release form. If their material is desired, please contact the speaker directly.

3. Download GLRC11 papers
Click GLRC11 (password protected*) file to download all the papers submitted for GLRC11 2017.

*Password:  All zip files are password protected. Contact Sean McCoy or Vijay Thukral to obtain the password code to have access to the zipped content.

For questions and comments, please contact:
GLRC11 Technical Program Chair
Sean McCoy [email protected]