MBSE Initiative

Model based Systems Engineering has been a strong topic at the recent INCOSE International Workshops. This year the MBSE Workshop will be a cross cutting activity occurring throughout the duration of the IW. To learn more about the MBSE Workshop and the current agenda and topics please see the link below:


To facilitate this Working Groups can make two kinds of room requests for IW 2016:

  • Working sessions, where the focus is on improving and completing working group products. Working sessions are ideal for contributing with and learning from the real experts in the field. The working session is normally expected to attract the core of a working group.
  • Outreach sessions, where the focus is on disseminating the current state of the art to Workshop attendees with no or little previous exposure to the working groups. An outreach session shall have a well-defined agenda and typically communicate the rationale for the working group, the state of the working group in terms of products; the feedback desired and plans for future activities. In short, an outreach session is ideal opportunity to increase interest in the working group. Please note that Outreach sessions may have to be rescheduled to make sure that the overall schedule for the complete workshop is balanced. The requester of a meeting will of course be notified if the need to reschedule arises.

It is the desire of Tech Ops that Working Groups will take the opportunity to organize Outreach sessions.  These sessions will help attract new members to their groups and help exchange knowledge from a wider population of our SE community. Also, to help INCOSE with our strategic goal to move our discipline toward model based engineering we want any MBSE topic your Working Group plans to discuss to be included in the topics of your Outreach sessions. Outreach sessions will be marked clearly in the workshop program to allow interested attendees to plan to attend.

Schedule at a glance