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The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

INCOSE champions the art, science, discipline, and practice of systems engineering. It provides its individual and corporate members with a wealth of knowledge opportunities:
  • An evolving Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (BKCASE);
  • Journals and a practitioner’s magazine;
  • A library of INCOSE-developed products, best practices, and resources;
  • An annual international symposium; regional conferences in the US and in Europe, Africa, and Asia; local chapter programs;
  • A Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification program.
Each of these knowledge opportunities enables our members to meet and network in this dynamic, global community of practitioners, stakeholders, and academicians.

Join Your Colleagues

People unite the dynamic and diverse systems engineering universe. They practice, teach and advance systems engineering because it provides the crucial element for ensuring a system has a successful and valued life.  Join these people, your colleagues, around the world to share practices and standards, gain community, and benefit from the resources you need to excel.

INCOSE Chapters

INCOSE Chapters remain vital in an online world! They say life is about whom you know, but we say it’s about who you can get to know! INCOSE chapters provide the perfect way to expand your network of professional colleagues in systems engineering. Chapters meet regularly, hear from inspiring and interesting speakers in the fields of engineering and science, and reach out to local universities and community organizations to bring a systems engineering perspective to disciplines and problems outside of traditional engineering.

Advance Your Career With a SEP Certification

INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Professional Certification Program provides a formal method for recognizing your knowledge and experience as systems engineers.  More and more employers cite SE Professional certification as a desirable plus.  Boost your career secure in your credentials.

Share Your Expertise

Join a Working Group – over 60 to choose from – and share knowledge in targeted topic groups. INCOSE’s Technical Operations forms the heart of our organization and the source of our products and innovations.  Join your peers in seeking and sharing the best solutions.

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