Certification Exam


Individuals, who are not currently INCOSE ASEPs, CSEP, or ESEPs, are invited to take the INCOSE Certification knowledge exam at the International Workshop. The Certification exam will be held on Sunday January 29 from 08:00 to 11:00.

There are some differences from the Prometric exam. The exam at the IW will be taken on paper rather than a computer. No extra time is allowed for special accommodations and results will be sent by email within four weeks of the exam completion.

Those who pass the exam will be allowed to use their results toward INCOSE ASEP or CSEP certification if they apply for that certification within a year.

No test participants are required to apply for certification, but those who do apply will have to pay all standard application fees and be INCOSE individual members.
On exam day, participants will need to provide photo identification and confirm their email address. No talking or reference materials are allowed during the exam.

Information about the INCOSE knowledge exam based on the INCOSE Handbook version 4 was presented at IS 2015 and is published here.

Additional details about the INCOSE Certification Program are here.