Systems Engineering Transformation and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative

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Driven by the INCOSE Board’s strategic objective to become a ‘model-based discipline’, the Systems Engineering Transformation effort and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative continue to expand upon the highly successful MBSE Workshop, now integrated further into the overall IW events. Model based content this year will include the latest developments from INCOSE’s MBSE Initiative as well as highlight modeling activity from across all of INCOSE’s Working Group activities.

Aligning with the INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Transformation strategy, this year’s agenda will focus on current practices, advancements and collaborative efforts across the systems modeling community, including:

  • Case studies with current insights and lessons learned from across medical, automotive, consumer products, aerospace and defense
  • Invited speakers will share how modeling has changed is changing industries
  • Modeling collaborations with other organizations including OMG, NAFEMS, ASME
  • Modeling content from Working Groups such as Ontology, Model Management, Patterns, System Science and many others across the INCOSE community.
  • Status of the SE Transformation products and positioning of the MBSE Initiative as an MBSE incubator
  • An MBSE Roadmap Workshop providing a framework for reviewing organizational/project MBSE activity

...with the goal of providing real-world experience on how to apply MBSE in your organization.

Like last year, the MBSE Workshop will be an integrated activity integrated with and occurring over the full duration of the International Workshop (full agenda coming soon…).

We invite you to join us on the cutting-edge of MBSE for a riveting experience workshop.

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