INCOSE Technical Operations is pleased to invite you to join us in Los Angeles, California, USA for the Annual International Workshop 2017 (IW2017), to be held from Saturday, January 28 – Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the Torrance Marriott Hotel.

The workshop enables INCOSE members of almost 50 Working Groups, the Chapters, Leadership and Administrative Committees to come together to advance the progress on the products and activities of INCOSE. Whether you are already a member committed to one or more of these entities, or you are just curious to discover what is happening in our organization, IW2017 is an excellent opportunity for sharing and networking with friends and colleagues. These meetings are our premier forum for the exchange of ideas and for helping to move both INCOSE and systems engineering forward. The following topics are just a few examples of all the activities going on during IW2017.

The greatest opportunity to find out what is happening throughout INCOSE is during the Opening Plenary on Saturday morning, 28 January 2017. The opening plenary provides an overview of INCOSE’s current activities and initiatives, and includes the installation of newly elected officers and directors.

Working Group meetings

Most of the Working Groups of INCOSE meet throughout the 4 days from Saturday - Tuesday. Some WGs meet and work over several days, while others schedule their activity within one day. There are two kinds of WG meetings:

  • Working sessions, where the focus is on improving and completing Working Group products. Working sessions are ideal for contributing with and learning from the real experts in the field. Attendees planning to attend Working sessions are encouraged to contact the relevant session leaders before the event to facilitate planning.
  • Outreach sessions, where the focus is on disseminating the current state of the art to Workshop attendees with little or no previous exposure to the working groups. Attending an Outreach session is also the ideal opportunity to influence the future direction of a Working Group and perhaps the entry point for deeper Working Group involvement.

To better inform you of the activities and products each Working Group will be working on during the Workshop, all Working Groups are encouraged to share their plans for the Workshop activities on their public web page. You are welcome to visit the WGs to find out more details about their current activities, and they always welcome new participants and contributors. Please visit our website where you will find all useful information and charters for our active WGs -

Projects & Initiatives

Major projects and initiatives are discussed between the project leadership and the key participants, to understand any impacts to INCOSE in both the near-term and mid-term and to establish the necessary plans. The projects and initiatives include large cross-cutting efforts such the Model Based Systems Engineering Initiative, the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, the Graduate Curricula for Systems Engineers, the SE Standards initiative, the Transformation objection and the Impactful Products objective.

Model based Systems Engineering Initiative

This has been a strong topic at past INCOSE International Workshops. This year the MBSE Workshop will again be a cross cutting activity occurring throughout the duration of the IW. To learn more about the MBSE Workshop and the current agenda and topics please see the link below:

Town-Hall meetings

Two plenary Town-Hall meetings are scheduled on Sunday and Monday mornings. Detailed updates on key initiatives and objectives will be given with an opportunity for questions & answers. The topics will be announced on the IW2017 website. Both Town-Hall meetings will be held first thing in the morning and are live broadcasted like an INCOSE Webinar.

INCOSE Foundation Soiree

As the name indicates, this event takes place in the evening - on Saturday, 28 January. The Corporate Advisory Board once again hosts the Soiree to benefit the INCOSE Foundation, thereby advancing the development of systems engineering and prestige of systems engineers through funded scholarships, research, and international forums. This Soiree is open to everyone participating in IW2017. For only a USD 25 donation, you will enjoy a wine bar, generous buffet, and the Foundation Scholarship Award presentation in a relaxed networking opportunity.

Closing Plenary followed by the Closing Reception with Working Group Bazaar / Market Place

Late afternoon Tuesday, 31 January wraps up the International Workshop with a plenary session, during which short reports will be made to summarize the event. This session is then followed by a closing reception at which all Working Groups in attendance will present posters for a face-to-face dialogue on their workshop accomplishments and plans for the future. This is a unique opportunity to follow what happened in all the other meetings when you were busy or were otherwise unable to attend.

The International Workshop offers opportunities to contribute and to ask questions, to learn and to lead; there is something for everyone, whatever your level of expertise and commitment to INCOSE. And for good reason – IW2017 is all about you, our members. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!

Paul Schreinemakers
Technical Director (2015 - 2016)

Mike Celentano
Deputy Technical Director (2015 - 2016)
Technical Director (2017 - 2018)

David Endler
Deputy Technical Director (2017 - 2018)