PDP Operational Status

The PDP has reached it's Full Operational Capability (FOC) V1.0 with the following capabilities: 
> Competency self-assessment using the ISECF
> Browsing & searching the content catalog
> Storing learning resources on your bookshelf
> Providing feedback
> Learning resources in different languages
> Supporting pages for the PDP supporting other areas of INCOSE

The Professional Development Portal is an index of learning resources for systems engineers, produced by INCOSE and other providers. 


NEW CAPABILITIES 11 JULY 2023:  The new Advanced Search Capability was added on the Browsing & Searching the Content Catalog page.  


Welcome to INCOSE’s Professional Development Portal (PDP).  The PDP is a comprehensive solution for Systems Engineers and other professionals who want to enhance their systems engineering knowledge and skills.  Everyone will be able to use it, but INCOSE members and CAB Associates will have access to features that non-members don’t, including online courses, textbooks, articles, and videos.

PDP DISCLAIMER:  “The presence of learning resources on the Professional Development Portal (PDP) does not represent INCOSE’s endorsement, nor does the absence of any learning resources known to the user imply they are not endorsed by INCOSE.”

The preferred browsers for the PDP are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The PDP doesn't publish learning resources.  The PDP is a knowledge portal that provides access to it's learning resources.

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(With the Google Search, you will be searching outside the PDP Content Catalog - search areas include incose.org, SEBOK, BKCase and OMG MBSE Wiki)

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