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Mentoring is a major part of an individual’s professional development learning plan.  As seen in the screenshot above, the Professional Development Portal (PDP) supports mentoring through training & coaching (learning resources) and direction & goals (learning development plans).  This page will keep you posted on the INCOSE Mentoring Activities and how the PDP can support mentoring and how mentoring can support your professional development.

INCOSE Mentoring Service

INCOSE is offering a Mentoring Service to INCOSE members who wish to participate as mentors or mentees. INCOSE’s Mentoring Service starts with the pairing of experienced engineers with engineers who desire guidance in their career. That guidance could be technical, advice on advancement or navigating in an organization, or help navigating INCOSE.

Details of the INCOSE Mentoring Service are available on the Mentoring public page, and for members, on the Mentoring Intranet page.  

General Mentor / Mentee Information

Information on the Mentoring Intranet page includes the following information –

General Mentoring Information:

  • A Quick Start
  • Definition and INCOSE’s Approach
  • INCOSE’s Mentoring Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Mentoring Agreement Topics
  • Mentoring Agreement Items

For mentors, there is information on:

  • How a Systems Engineering Mentor Can Help
  • What Can a Mentor Do?
  • What You Should Expect from Your Mentee
  • What A Mentee Should Expect of You as a Mentor
  • Gratuitous Advice for Mentors
  • Other Mentoring Resource Links
  • Examples of Mentor Summaries

For mentees, there is information on:

  • How a Systems Engineering Mentor Can Help
  • What A Mentee Can Expect of Their Mentor
  • What Level of Mentoring Do You Want?
  • Guidance for Mentee Summary
  • Examples of Mentee Summaries

There is also information on process flows for Mentor Matching Phase 2:

  • Flow of Mentor Matching Steps
  • Mentor Information Update
  • Problem & Issue Reporting Steps
  • When a Mentoring Relationship Ends

Reporting Mentoring Activities to your Manager

On the PDP’s Learning Development Plans page, PDP users can add information to their Professional Development Completion Form. This form can be downloaded, updated, and saved as a PDF file to send to your manager. This form can also be used to transfer information to the Certification Log of Continuing Education Credits. The following information is requested in the Professional Development Completion Form:

  • Name
  • Current Professional Development Period (From Date) & (To Date)
  • Activity Type
  • Activity Description
  • Start Date of Activity
  • End Date of Activity
  • Certification PDU Credits?

One of the Professional Development Activity Types in the report is “Participate in a Mentoring / Coaching Session.”  The Professional Development Completion Report is available at the bottom of the PDP & Learning Development Plans page.  

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