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There will be two parts to this page: (1) By our Full Operational Capability (FOC), the top part will have an overview of learning plans, learning plan examples, and the ability to create your own learning plan; and (2) Available now, the bottom part has the Professional Development Completion Report you can download, update, and send to your manager. 

Individual Learning Development Plans

To help PDP Users create their own Individual Learning Development Plans (ILDPs), the following PDF attachments are provided:

  • Background of Career Development and Career Path Models – adapted information from the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG):  Presland, Ian; Whitcomb, Clifford; and Zipes, Lori; Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide, 2023, Annex B2 "Using the SECF/SECAG for Career and Organizational Development," pp . 635-641.

  • Creating Individual Learning Development Plans – contains sections on (1) WHY an Individual Wants to do Professional Development in Systems Engineering, (2) HOW an Individual Conducts Professional Development, (3) Creating an Independent Learning Development Plan (ILDP) or Career Plan, and (4) Implied Functions for Professional Development. 


  • INCOSE Services Solutions that can Support Professional Development – includes a listing of INCOSE Services (or other) that can be used to support professional development.


  • Learning Development Plan Examples – presents some examples of Learning Development Plans.  [NOTE:  PDP to be added in the future.]

Professional Development Completion Report

Based on PDP user feedback, a “Professional Development Completion Report” has been created for the user to send to their manager.  You can download the report, save it to your computer, update it during your professional development period, and then send to your manager.  Here is a screenshot of the report.



In the top section, you will include your name and the start and stop date of your professional development reporting period to you manager (e.g., quarterly, semi-annually, annually, other – whatever your manager desires).

In the bottom section, you will enter your professional development completed.  For the Activity Type column, there is a pull-down menu with options in the cells to select and then you can describe the activity in more detail in the next column.  Next you add your start date and end date of the activity, and for the last column, you can annotate if the activity is eligible for certification PDUs per the Log of Continuing Education Credits Form on the renewing certification page ( 

Activities to increase your professional development knowledge in the PDP can earn Certification PDUs.  Here are the INCOSE Certification PDU activities that can be earned through the PDP (these are available via the Activity Type pull-down menu):

  • Technical Society Participation
    • Attend non-peer-reviewed Professional Technical Society event
    • Attend peer-reviewed Professional Technical Society event
  • SE Course Work & Publication
    • Complete a technical graduate level course
    • Attend educational course, tutorial, or seminar
    • Consume SE-related media, including journal article, book, video, or audio. 

The other Activity Type via the pull-down menu that is not eligible for certification PDUs are “Participating in a Mentoring / Coaching session.”

This Professional Development Completion Report can also be used to transfer information to the Certification Log of Continuing Education Credits. The following information is requested in the Professional Development Completion Form:

  • Name
  • Current Professional Development Period (From Date) & (To Date)
  • * Activity Type
  • * Activity Description
  • * Start Date of Activity
  • End Date of Activity
  • Certification PDU Credits?

The user may mark the “Certification PDU Credits?” column for PDP activities aligned with the Certification PDU list to keep their manager informed some of these apply to their certification renewal.  They can then copy the respective information they have in the columns with the annotated bullets (“*”) to their Log of Continuing Education Credits. 

Download the Professional Development Completion Report Excel file

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