Competency Self-Assessment

The Basic Competency Self-Assessment is with INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Competency Framework (ISECF):  It lists 5 competency groups that describe 37 competency areas and 5 proficiency levels for each competency.  Each competency area is described on a separate table with a list of Effective Indicators of Knowledge and Experience for each proficiency level.  Through the Professional Development Portal (PDP), the user can do a basic competency self-assessment by selecting a proficiency level for a competency area of interest based on the ISECF.  This is available to everyone whether logged in or not.

The Detailed Competency Self-Assessment:  In 2023, INCOSE published the Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG).  The SECAG provides more details than the ISECF.  For each of the 37 competency areas there are 5 proficiency level tables for a total of 185 tables.  In these tables, the Effective Indicators of Knowledge and Experience from the ISECF are included. In addition, for each indicator there are sub-indicators for knowledge (K), activity / ability (A), and professional attitude / behavior (P).  There are also some examples of the indicators / sub-indicators.  The PDP has evolved to incorporate the SECAG for all INCOSE Members and CAB Associates.  There is a "How To" document that is downloadable that provides an overview on how to conduct a more detailed self-assessment using the SECAG competency area / proficiency level tables.

INCOSE Members and CAB Associates can conduct either the basic or detailed self-assessment methods, while non-members cannot conduct the detailed SECAG self-assessment method.


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