Competency Self-Assessment

The Basic Competency Self-Assessment is with INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Competency Framework (ISECF):  It lists 5 competency groups that describe 37 competency areas and 5 proficiency levels for each competency.  Each competency area is described on a separate table with a list of Effective Indicators of Knowledge and Experience for each proficiency level.  Through the Professional Development Portal (PDP), the user can do a basic competency self-assessment by selecting a proficiency level for a competency area of interest based on the ISECF.  This is available to everyone whether logged in or not.

The Detailed Competency Self-Assessment:  In 2023, INCOSE published the Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG).  The SECAG provides more details than the ISECF.  For each of the 37 competency areas there are 5 proficiency level tables for a total of 185 tables.  In these tables, the Effective Indicators of Knowledge and Experience from the ISECF are included. In addition, for each indicator there are sub-indicators for knowledge (K), activity / ability (A), and professional attitude / behavior (P).  There are also some examples of the indicators / sub-indicators.  The PDP has evolved to incorporate the SECAG for all INCOSE Members and CAB Associates.  There is a "How To" document that is downloadable that provides an overview on how to conduct a more detailed self-assessment using the SECAG competency area / proficiency level tables.

INCOSE Members and CAB Associates can conduct either the basic or detailed self-assessment methods, while non-members cannot conduct the detailed SECAG self-assessment method.

Do you know how to do a competency self-assessment using the ISECF (Basic assessment) and / or one using the SECAG (Detailed assessment)?  If not, during IW 24, the PDP and Competency Working Group conducted a joint workshop.  The Competency WG provided overviews on what competencies are, the ISECF, and the SECAG, and then the PDP Team provided a demonstration of doing both types of self-assessments in the PDP.  The video recording from the workshop is available to review and the PowerPoint file is available here for you to download and review.



IW2024 PDP Competency 27 Jan 24


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