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A better world through a systems approach

Technical Operations Working Groups create the resources practitioners need.  Discuss, collaborate, share in person and online across 50 Working Groups and Initiative teams with a wide diversity of interests.  INCOSE Working Groups create products, present panels, develop and review standards.
You will

  • Bring value to other INCOSE stakeholders in your interest area
  • Build expertise and contacts
  • Help develop and review international standards
  • Share information across Working Groups 
  • Create products to advance the state, art and practice of systems engineering.
To execute its mission, INCOSE's Technical Operations has a functional structure that reflects these thoughts, as summarized in the illustration below.

To join an INCOSE Working Group, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.



Technical Operations Leadership


Working Groups and Initiatives


How to Join a Working Group

Membership in Working Groups is open to any INCOSE member. To join a group:

    • Log into your INCOSE account
    • Go to your Profile Page, and scroll to the bottom left section titled "My Committees and Working Groups"
    • Click the link for "Browse / Join a Working Group"
    • Find the desired Working Group and click on View to see roster; the Join option is at the bottom of the page
    • Additionally, email the Working Group leaders by clicking on their name(s) from the Working Groups page and sending them an email expressing your interest!

Within Technical Operations we share the following beliefs

    • We apply Systems Engineering to what we do and how we do it.
    • We are all volunteers, so we back up each other and actively recruit new volunteers to support our efforts.
    • We strive to deliver what we promise at a high level of quality.
    • Systems Engineering practitioners are our customers.
    • We are servant leaders, removing barriers while following the intent of INCOSE policy.
    • We apply INCOSE values and principles when setting our priorities.
    • We are evolving to an "impactful professional society".
As an INCOSE Member, engage with the INCOSE Yammer - TechOps Community