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A better world through a systems approach

Object-Oriented SE Method

Mission & Objectives

The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method Working Group (OOSEM WG) strives to continuously improve upon Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/D) applied to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) through research into OO MBSE concepts, notations, and methods.

Group members are practitioners of Systems Engineering and related disciplines who apply their experience to maintaining and improving the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM).

The OOSEM WG serves as a resource to the Systems Engineering community by:

  • Supporting the capture, analysis, synthesis, and understanding of complex architectures, systems specifications, technologies, and designs.
  • Facilitating Family/Systems of Systems (FoS/SoS), system-, element-, and component-level reuse and design evolution.
  • Enhancing integration between engineering disciplines including but not limited to systems, human(s), software, hardware, test, environment, and logistics.
    • Focusing on integration between Systems Engineering and software-level OOA/D.
  • Advancing integration between MBSE and
    • Modern management practices such as Lean Startup and Agile.
    • Methods for up-front concept analysis such as the Object Process Methodology (OPM),

2018 Goals for the OOSEM Working Group are to:

  • Collaborate with other INCOSE Working Groups, such as Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery (CIPR).
  • Collaborate with OO organizations external to INCOSE, such the Object Management Group (OMG) and IEEE.


The OOSEM WG currently has three leadership positions. Each position complements the other two in ways that strengthen the team.



WG Lead Chair:
Howard Lykins

Convene meetings monthly or as required. Be the primary point of contact for all WG activities, communications and actions. This role includes relationships both internal and external to INCOSE. Responsibilities include:

  • Annual budget and other financial activities.

  • Operating process development and approval.

Logistics Co-Chair:
Mike Pafford

Ensure that facilities and other resources are available for special meetings. Develop communications, programs, planning and arrangements for workshops, conferences, symposiums and special public meetings.

Technical Co-Chair:
Loren (Mark) Walker

Maintain a list of technical projects and products, monitor progress on technical tasks, maintain the WG INCOSE CONNECT internal site and Public external websites, manage material and knowledge collection and distribution.

Working Group Products

In addition to OOSEM, the Working Group contributes to other products, and provides workshops for the Systems Engineering community. Recently the OOSEM Working Group:

  • Provided OOSEM inputs to INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v4.
  • Sponsored 2015, 2016 and 2017 educational workshops on Lean Startup and Agile methods for Initial MBSE Project Planning (jointly with INCOSE Chesapeake, SOMD, Chicagoland and WMA Chapters as well as IEEE).
  • Provided input to refinement of the OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Specification.
  • Contributed to the CIPR WG Micro-Grid Reference Model MBSE project.

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

If time and space are available, the OOSEM Working Group plans to host at IW17 a two-hour Outreach Session for anyone interested in OOSEM.

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual

If accepted, OOSEM Working Group representatives will facilitate at IS17 a 6-hour Agile Planning Tutorial.